Taylor Swift In Contrarian – ‘Wonderstruck’ Sephora Launch

Taylor Swift celebrated the launch of her new debut fragrance ‘Wonderstruck’ at Sephora Americana in Glendale, California yesterday.

The singer wore a Contrarian ‘Byrdie’ silver metallic party frock with a plunging v back, and a flirty bow detail.

Taylor styled her look with glittering Jimmy Choo ‘Vita’ peep-toes and a wavy, chic ‘do.

She traded her signature red lips for hot pink lips on this occasion.

The look is not embellished, but it does shimmer.

Does Taylor get your seal of approval for this look?

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36 thoughts on “Taylor Swift In Contrarian – ‘Wonderstruck’ Sephora Launch

  1. maria

    i like it a lot. It’s not tooooo cutesy.

    I also love the lip stick. Looks great on her. She should definitely switch it up.

  2. jadel parra

    she’s too young for the way she dresses and lord at her hair style, makes her look twice her age, this young woman is like like 20(i think) and clothes/hair always like she’s in her 30s

    1. Emi

      I agree, and I think that when she will be 30 she will dress like a 20 years old girl. G. Paltrow is doing the same… I think that when you’re young you should look fresh, like Emma Roberts, for example. She always has too much make up (and the same expression, she looks like a waxwork).

  3. Natalie

    I love the look. It’s put together very well, with the nice bright pink lippie, and I like the bow in the middle because it freshens up the look up since the dress is a very classic cut.

  4. mahan_kelsey

    I love the new look for the occasion. Being a fan of hers and seeing her concert In Newark NJ the pink lips are a perky change!

  5. Hannah

    She still looks exactly the same as she always does. All her dresses are prety much the same, her makeup always looks the same, give or take a few shades of lipcolour, her hairs always looks the same, her shoes are always the same, the silhouette is always the same, the pose is always the same, it is painfulyl generic. She always has a nipped in waist, some reflectiveness on ehr dress, a not full but not aline skirt which ends between an inch above the knee and mid-thigh, and she always wears some derivative of a peep toe. The only time I remembe rher not wearing somethig that looks the same as the rest of her wardrobe was at the cavali show over a year ago. It is so boring nad so predictable.

    1. Martin

      Totally agree. I just wish that she would break out every now and then and give us something different, something exciting and something interesting to talk about. Her look is so boring that I actually fell asleep between the first and second photos.

    2. c

      Elaine2, this outfit is stunning and her wearing the “same” thing all the time (which isn’t true), shows the phases she is going through. You go through phases all of the time where you like certain clothes so you wear those or when you go out and buy clothes you probably tend to but similar items. This dress is absolutely stunning bought from one of her favorite stores Anthropologie. Stop worrying about Taylor and focus on yourself.

  6. Jones19

    Even though it’s not embellished it’s the same silhouette she always wears. I’m not complaining, I love me some sparkles so I usually always like what Taylor wears.

  7. Jessica

    i understand how a lot of people could see how she always dresses the same, but not everyone can be so fearless with fashion their choices. I think she looks great and i think she does tend to swicth things up albeit not drastically. I love her lip colour !

  8. Nat

    I personally don’t like the dress much. The fabric and that ribbon make me think of a Christmas gift package.

    I love her hair (beautiful updo), although I agree that it ages her.

  9. molly

    A bit boring, but I totally love the dress. Much better than the other day. I really love the silverly-gold color.

  10. Bek

    She is THE most boring person to ever grace these pages. Honestly does she ever actually change what she’s wearing because i’ve only seen her in the one dress. She needs a makeover and not more glitter. I would even suggest that you refrain from putting her on these pages as you feature some INCREDIBLY styled celebrities and she definately does not deserve the honour. She is like the Lindsay Lohan of fashion for me.

  11. Carmen

    I am getting so bored of Taylor Swift’s style. All she wears is glitter, sparkle, glitter, sparkle. Mix it up a little, please!

  12. gurlygurl

    I love this dress and those shoes. Great hair and lip color but I think a half up do or even a ponytail would have made this outfit look more playful. As much as I love this style I have to agree with others… it’s all very predicatble with Taylor. Even though her choices are divine we’ve see it all before and it makes it less interesting on her.

  13. Sharon

    I can’t figure out if she dresses too old or too young for her age, but something’s wrong. This dress looks like every other short dress she wears and is completely unexciting.

  14. Lily

    I like her lip color, but the dress is a little too cutesy and the bodice doesn’t fit well enough for me to like the entire look.


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