Taylor Swift In Tracy Reese – ‘Wonderstruck’ Fragrance Launch

Taylor Swift was at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City last week to launch her first fragrance ‘Wonderstruck’.

The country singer posed for the photographers wearing a Tracy Reese sheer dress with a nude underlay and black stripes with embellished details to add a subtle sparkle.

Taylor’s retro girlie look was accessorized with vintage House of Lavande jewels and a pair of black Miu Miu peep-toes.

Signature bright red lips and a wavy updo completed her look.

In the ad for the fragrance, Taylor donned a Christian Siriano Spring 2011 gown with a frothy tulle skirt.

Credit: NYmag.com & Fame Pictures

21 thoughts on “Taylor Swift In Tracy Reese – ‘Wonderstruck’ Fragrance Launch

  1. AW

    The dress is beautiful, although i’m sick of her in “cutesy”. I feel like i’ve seen the same overall look from her a million times.

    It’s time to grow up her style.

  2. Elaine2

    What happened to her waist?

    Christian Siriano cracks me up. His gown is so bizarre, but it does work for the advertisement! LOL

  3. maria

    i like the black dress, but i wish the underlay would have been a bit darker or maybe in black.

    I love the ball gown. The dramatic effect works perfect for the add. Very updated cinderella.

  4. Hannah

    The gows gorgeous but she’s so vanilla. Every look she has worn since mayeb the Kaufman Franco at theVMa’s a few years ago. I relly wish she would go for something different, something chicer and less safe. Say for example (since Cameron seems liek she is never going to ever wear it): http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-ESAAB?event=show1982&designer=design_house183&trend=&iphoto=19#slide=19
    Or if sequin withdrawal gets too much : http://www.style.com/fashionshows/powersearch/slideshow?designer=design_house73&trend=trend10&iphoto=112&origIphoto=33

  5. Alina

    The red carpet look – nothing new.

    The ad look – STUNNING !!! I love how the gown has exactly the same shape as the chandeliers.

  6. Rebecca Z

    The gown is a great coup for Christian Siriano, and it looks great on Taylor. The other dress is very pretty, but soooo predictable.

    1. Dhppy

      This has to be huge for Siriano’s career since the dress is so prominent. It probably boosts Project Runway’s cache as well.

  7. Nat

    I think she must have the best makeup artist ever. Her makeup is ALWAYS flawless (obviously the fact that she’s a very pretty girl helps, but still…).

  8. Emily

    I wish she had worn a little more blusher or bronzer or something in the red carpet photo? I feel like her face looks quite blank (if you get what I mean??) although maybe it’s just the impact of the strong lip.

    Other than that, she looks pretty in both images but SNORE.

  9. couturecoco

    I just don’t get it – she’s a beautiful girl with a lovely figure but somehow this dress is not working for me. It’s dowdy in spite of the sheerness and sequins. I mean it’s a dirndl dress! She can definately afford to go that bit beyond the so so – look at her in the promo – stunning – she looks a ton better than the model! She has an ethereal quality and whoever is advising her is doing her no justice.

  10. Carmen SanDiego

    She’s swimming in the Reese dress. Completely unflattering for such a tiny pretty (though uninteresting) girl. Maybe it’s the horizontal lines, boring neckline and ladies-who-lunch length.

    The Siriano gown was a perfect choice for something called “Wonderstruck.” He’s a bit bananas and is still developing as a designer, but he knows how to create a showstopper from time-to-time.

  11. Molly

    That gown is phenomenal! I almost died when I saw it moving in the commercial :)
    The black dress is cute but beyond boring. I would like it more with a better hairstyle. I never thought I would say this, but I wish she would slut it up a bit…

  12. Valeria

    The striped dress is nothing special, but gown is amazing for an ad! Something went wrong with her foundation though at Macy’s


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