Anna Wintour Loves Her Marni ‘Window Pane’ Print Dress

Anna Wintour is known for wearing the same dress (and Manolo Blahnik heels) several times over.

It looks like she’s started to expand her closet by purchasing the same dress in a few colours.

At the Dior Spring 2012 presentation in Paris earlier today, she was spotted wearing her Marni ‘Window Pane’ print dress in blue and pink as presented on the Fall 2011 runway.

Whilst attending the Missoni and Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2012 shows in Milan, she opted for a multi-colour version.

Which do you prefer?

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19 Responses to Anna Wintour Loves Her Marni ‘Window Pane’ Print Dress

  1. Rebecca Z September 30, 2011 at 21:19 #

    I prefer the multi-color, at least on her.

    • maria October 1, 2011 at 00:27 #

      me too.

  2. Moxie September 30, 2011 at 21:24 #

    The second and more colorful look, definitely.

    • Katharine October 1, 2011 at 03:20 #


  3. TeaAtTwo September 30, 2011 at 21:46 #

    With this Indian summer right now in western Europe the brightness of second dress is so appropriate for now.

  4. Elaine2 September 30, 2011 at 22:24 #

    I like the first dress better, but that’s probably because I don’t like red, blue and yellow together at once. Please, Anna – BUY YOURSELF SOME BETTER LOOKING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good god, woman – your footgear is so Old Lady!

    • DivaDebbi (Beauty & Fashion Blog) September 30, 2011 at 23:14 #

      I loathe both, the photo on the right a little less.

      • Elaine2 October 1, 2011 at 00:01 #

        on second thought, I think I loathe them both, too! (love that word, loathe……..I should use that more often).

      • pam October 1, 2011 at 01:25 #


    • Linda September 30, 2011 at 23:37 #

      Yeah, those are some old lady shoes she has there! I didn’t notice at first. The dress – meh.

  5. robbie September 30, 2011 at 22:32 #

    not a fan of either to be honest, it looks so 80s.

  6. Nat39 October 1, 2011 at 00:08 #

    Prefer the one on the left, surprised she didn´t go for the fur as presented on the runway.

  7. oksana October 1, 2011 at 00:14 #

    she is like me, when i like something i wear it all the time even in the bed:D

  8. farfi October 1, 2011 at 08:48 #

    I think that this dress is simply terrifying! Pure horror!

  9. Alex October 1, 2011 at 12:39 #

    But I love the fact that she’s wearing her clothes several times instead of only once. Just like normal ppl do!

  10. Mol October 1, 2011 at 14:36 #

    I think the darker colors (the first one) suits her better – something to do with her age and skin tone. I quite like the dress, I know Marni’s not for everyone, but I always enjoy their patterns and designs and I’m glad to see Anna represent….

  11. Lee Ann October 1, 2011 at 19:28 #

    I own the dress on the left but in a shift style. I think that Anna must have had both made for her as they are not eve neck which they are in the store and runway. I am trying to get my hands on the dress on the right but London did not order it.

  12. nadine October 2, 2011 at 02:24 #

    It isn’t my style, but I like the brighter version better. Very curious about her shoes, they’re so often the same! So curious, in fact, that I’d probably go a bit bonkers & ask her about them if I ever found myself close enough.

  13. Jones19 October 2, 2011 at 13:31 #

    This dress is hideous but if I had to choose I’d go for the two tone dress…the colorful one makes her look like a clown.

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