On The ‘We Found Love’ Music Video Set With Rihanna In Jeremy Scott

Rihanna is causing quite a stir in the New Lodge area of Belfast, Northern Ireland as she shoots her new music video for her next hit ‘We Found Love’, which features Calvin Harris.

She has several costume changes, but this Jeremy Scott denim look is straight off the Spring 2012 runway.

The denim bra and paper bag denim skirt were paired with laddered stockings and lace-up creepers.

Her look was completed with a bandanna tied around her head, Hilda Ogden style.

Rihanna was asked to leave the set of this location when the landowner, who initially gave his permission for her and the camera crew to be there, became upset by her state of undress.

Little does he know that it could’ve been a look skimpier.

Credit: Style.com & Fame Pictures

17 thoughts on “On The ‘We Found Love’ Music Video Set With Rihanna In Jeremy Scott

  1. Lauren

    It got a lot skimpier! She ended up topless! Which I gotta say here in Northern Ireland, probably not what you should be doing in a field (a lot of religious people around here lol).

    As for the outfits… the Jeremy Scott makes her look very untoned and bulgy around the sides.

  2. Paddy M

    Yeah, a lot of the media has been falsely reporting that Rihanna was asked to stop shooting based on her being clad in a bikini top, but you’re right shevelle, she did go topless and that’s why the farmer wouldn’t allow filming to continue. All the publicity shots from the scene have been of Rihanna with her top on though, so the media has jumped to conclusions that the farmer was completely out of line.

    Still, I don’t find toplessness offensive, and I think he was being a bit of a prude.

  3. Nat39

    Jeremy Scott – hilarious as ever, pure humour, will be interesting to see how this look is going to translate in the video.

  4. TeaAtTwo

    I wish she’d be less raunchy in her videos. Her ‘off duty’ style is actually pretty good alot of the time.

  5. serenissima7

    yeah, FC, she was def asked to leave for going topless. doesnt get skimpier than that, imo

    and its a shame, because i really like the second look on her… red is nice with her skin tone. (not a fan of the jeremy scott, though)


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