Jessica Chastain In Vivienne Westwood – “The Debt” London Premiere

Jessica Chastain finally came to London to promote one of her many movies last night.

She walked the red carpet in the capital to promote “The Debt” wearing Vivienne Westwood.

I was very surprised to see Jessica wearing this dress as it’s quite a risqué choice for her.

The gold lame strapless signature Westwood bustier dress was paired with matching gold Jimmy Choo ‘Koko’ platform sandals.

Her flame hair was swept up into a chic updo with a few pieces framing her face, allowing us to see her golden chandelier earrings.

What started out with a succession of safe dresses is now becoming a more interesting and varied mix of red carpet choices.

Do you agree?

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20 thoughts on “Jessica Chastain In Vivienne Westwood – “The Debt” London Premiere

  1. robbie

    yet another vivienne westwood dress which looks pretty similar to every other vivienne westwood piece that graces the red carpet.

    she looks great but the dress is a miss, looks unfinished.

  2. maria

    i agree. It seems that she is getting more comfortable on the red carpet. I also loved her LV pant suit which was an unexpected choice.

    I adore this look. The fit is great, the gold/bronze really works beautiful with her skin and hair colour and the shoes are a great choice, as are the earrings. BDOTW contender.

  3. Colleen

    She looks gorgeous! She is really starting to come in to her own & is looking more comfortable on the red carpet. Love the earrings!

  4. Camille

    I actually really like this dress on her. She looks good and the hair and makeup are great. The earrings are a nice touch. The shoes are a little clunky but they work anyway, kind of quirky stylish, they match but at the same time they add a little offbeat touch to the look. I checked out the other images of her and while she looks great, she seriously needs some help striking great poses.

  5. Carolina

    This is interesting, but not well suited to her figure or coloring. The bodice sits strangely, and the length (at least from this camera angle) is wrong.

  6. Mol

    Yes I do agree, and I’m enjoying the progression…..she’s starting to get there for me so I look forward to seeing more. Who knows, with all her films she should make it into awards season!

  7. Nat39

    It`s nice I guess but not to my liking – not a fan of the dress itself or the safe pretty accessories and cheesy updo with this kind of dress.
    This dress is far from safe, it`s very interesting with some bold detailing, maybe if she went for an edgier more exciting styling it`d have worked. Otherwise, it just falls flat here for me.

  8. Jen

    I’m totally sick of the Vivienne Westwood crunchy-draped-pointy-strapless-neckline (and the asymmetric hems that hit people at an unflattering point, though that isn’t featured here) so I don’t care for the dress, and I don’t like the chunky shoes, either.

    But I think her hair, makeup and earrings are really great.

  9. Hannah

    First adn foremost, she has eyebrows! Yay!
    Secondly, and I feel bad saying this given the presence of eyebrows, but I do not like the look. I am glad that she is experimenting so much with fashion, she as orn a great variety of style so far, but I don;t like this. The pattern and folding/ruching/mess is really hideous, and just unflattering. I’m sure I ould love ehr shoes and earrings as well but the dress ruins rids them of any appeal they had, and the mkaup jsut isn’t that flattering, eyebros aside, which is shockign since usually I love it.

    1. Hannah

      Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new confidence, I have alays found her a little bit meek on the red carpet, but this is much better! Cannot wait for her next outing!

  10. KateS

    She looks great, although the earrings don’t really work for me. I would have liked to see slightly edgier styling, but I admire her for trying out some new looks on the RC.

  11. Erin Michelle

    I am completely, absolutely obsessed with this look. I’m actually completely, absolutely obsessed with her but that’s a different story. She looks gorgeous and the color of this dress perfectly complements her skintone and hair color. Perfection all around.


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