Lea Michele In Michael Kors – Michael Kors Luncheon

Lea Michele attended a luncheon benefiting the Saban Free Clinic at the Beverly Hills Michael Kors Collection Store yesterday afternoon.

The ‘Glee’ actress wore a super-short Michael Kors fuchsia hammered brocade racer dress.

I love the vibrant pink colour on her; it works perfectly with her complexion which she contrasts with soft pink lips and blush.

On this occasion I do like her hair, but I’m still not sure if I can ever get used to seeing her with bangs.

Her silver strappy sandals are perfection, but the nude clutch isn’t working for me and it feels like a last-minute addition before stepping out the door.

Melinda Maria jewels completed her look.

Credit: Getty

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  • Camille

    This dress is a knockout on her, the color, the length, the fit are all fantastic. Love her shoes, the clutch is blah, but I’m so in love with the dress I’m willing to let it pass. I agree with other posters that her face is too shiny, but other than that, her make up is perfect. Best she has looked in a while. Wish she would hit the red carpet in a gown of this color.

  • Colleen

    Gorgeous. Love everything, except the nude clutch. She looks better here than she did the night before at the Emmys.

  • Mary

    She’s…smiling! Wow, I was staring and trying to figure out what she was doing differently. She looks normal when she doesn’t try to work “the face”.

  • G

    Eep. Seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t like this. She does look great though, it’s just not to my taste (bit too much like a go-go dancer).

  • Carmen

    Lea’s complexion is beautiful and her dress suits her coloring really well, but for some reason, I’m not really feeling her hair. It looks so outdated; like a style from the 70’s. I also think the cut of the dress doesn’t suit her body type. I dislike the nude clutch as well. It’s really a shame, because it could have been an amazing look in my eyes.

  • bec

    Love the dress! Julie Bowen also looked gorg at this event, she has really picked up her game recently!

    Keep up the amazing work FC – Can’t believe how much you get done on here whilst jetsetting around the world!! 🙂 🙂 x

    • Fashion Critic

      I get up early and go to bed late 😉

      Plus it helps that I’m addicted to this site and fashion

  • Raquel

    Great look on her. The cut of the dress is fantastic for her body, and I love how it flatters her shoulders and arms.

  • Paula

    She looks like she’s made of plastic. I think this dress fit doesn’t work for her at all. I’m not fond of those silver stripper heels either. Plus, i find her clutch so boring and uncoesive with the rest of the look. I don’t think this is one of her best looks…

  • Rebecca Z

    Addorable dress–she looks really cute in it.

  • Leti

    Love the dress and the sandals. The fit of this dress is far more flattering than her Emmy’s dress.

  • Hannah

    The dres sis great, teh makeup is great, and that’s all. The clutch is just ugly, it looks so drab and sterile, and the shoes are a bit stripper for my taste. She needs to sort out the bangs asap.

  • Edson

    Lea looks great i like her dress and her shoes, but the clutch is really out of place.
    PS: I saw you on television last night on E!, it was on 25 Most Stylish couples, or something like that, you look great with your hair like that.

    • Fashion Critic

      OMG that was a lifetime ago…I can’t believe they are still showing that 🙂

  • Karina

    I love this look… One of the best for Lea… I think it’s because she’s smilling not posing…

    She must pose smiling more often… It changes the whole look !!!

    Kisses from Brazil !!!

    • Fashion Critic

      thank you

      Kisses from Milano x

  • NooG

    About time she wore something for her petite frame – I want to see more of this!

    • Ala

      Exactly what i was going to say!!

      waahooo… finally it looks like she’s not playing dress up… this looks chic, sleek and beautiful without being overdone.

      Wish the nude clutch was nixed, but can’t ask for too much all at once! 🙂

  • Jen

    Possibly the best I’ve seen her – her body language is much better than it usually is. She looks (almost) relaxed.

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks for the (almost) 😉

      • Jen

        Well I didn’t want to get carried away. 🙂

  • She looks great, but I’m sooo tired of seeing her.

  • jadel parra

    don’t care how she looks or what she wears, she’s dead in my book, her attitude and poses turned me off completely about her

  • T from Sydney

    i love the pink
    i have the same problem with this dress as i did with Kate Bosworths back dress the cut makes their shoulders area look much wider than they actually are. as ive seen in other pictures.

  • Jones19

    Love the dress and the sandals, the clutch should have been a deep blue. Her face always seems so shiny, what is with that? I’ve been a fan of her bangs from the start, so pretty.

    • dee

      Maybe she has oily skin.

      • Jones19

        Or maybe her makeup artist is using too much highlighter on her face. Either way, both are fixable. Especially if you’re as rich as Lea and can afford the best people in the beauty business.

        • dee

          Yeah it could be the makeup. Who really knows.

  • Cheryl

    Love the color on her, but her shoulders are too broad for a cutting like this.

    • Gaber

      I am signing this.
      She has a fantastic body, but certain cuts just don’t work on everyone.

  • D

    cute look 🙂 jadore

  • Moxie

    I LOVE this look. She’s wearing a bold color and she’s not wearing pumps. The shoes go perfectly. The only downside is that nude bag. You’re right, it looks like she grabbed it at the last minute. The bangs are here to stay for now because her Glee character is supposed to be nerdy.

  • CreoleLady

    Love! Scrumptious color and fit. Great smile. Better the nude in her hand than on her feet ;).

  • She looks very pretty, but I prefer a more daytime look for a luncheon…this looks like cocktails to me.

  • fromchi-town

    This is great – the dress is awesome. And love the color. I think she looks good.

  • zoe

    whoa, she is looking supppper good. i want this dress!

  • May

    Wow. For once, her look is AMAZING.

    • Jackie

      Ditto! I’m really happy that she can get it right every now and then.

      She should just smile more often because it makes her look that much more easier to like or want to like. Haha.

      I like the nude clutch and the silver sandals… it’s a contrast that works IMO.

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