Christina Hendricks In Johanna Johnson – 2011 Emmy Awards

I actually let out a sigh of relief when I saw Christina Hendricks on the red carpet at the 2011 Emmy Awards tonight.

Thank god she finally found a way to dress her stunning figure without her twins resting on her chin.

Her custom-made Johanna Johnson gown is amazing on her.

Kudos to the designer for not making her look comical like her Westwood dress did last week.

The ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series’ wore a silk satin gown embellished with delicate Swarovski stones, glass and beaded details which sparkled on the red carpet.

A matching clutch and satin Christian Louboutin ‘Tres Ophrah’ sandals completed her look.

I love that she went easy on the jewels, as the dress is a jewel itself.

True Old Hollywood glamour at its very finest.

Welcome back Christina.

Credit: Getty

35 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks In Johanna Johnson – 2011 Emmy Awards

  1. Marvel

    I actually really liked her Westwood like but this I love. I love how gorgeous she looks and her twins are spilling so I know everyone is not going to be moaning about that. She looks great and regardless of what anyone says, I think her body is amazing :)

  2. Tahj

    I like it. People are hard on her choices, but she has a hard figure to dress since most of the stuff designers make are for someone flat as a board and skinny as a toothpick.

    Can’t wait until you post Elisabeth Moss’ gorgeous Marchesa dress. I’m in love with it!

    1. Hannah

      Elisabeth Moss’s gown is gorgeous! I am soooo bored of nude on her, but at least it is interesting nude, the eyebrows (I am an eyebrow freak, they can improve everything for me) ruined it slightly though. Have you seen Cobie Smulders? Her dress is divine, the colour honestly makes me salivate. That shade of Azure is to me what Electric blue is to FC!

  3. Jacqu

    I think you got it backwards FC. Her chin could rest on her twins. ;) Regarless, she’s gorgeous here. It may not be easy trying to dress her given her wonderful (but non stick thin) figure) but she works it perfectly here. :)

  4. Jacqu

    OMG FC! I just saw Cobie Smulders dress in Getty, in a sea of red (it seems) she wore turquoise! BEAUTIFUL! I hope she gets featured.

  5. Hannah

    I like it, but I dot love it. The colour is jsut nothign very special for me, adn she usually wears gorgeous colours. I also don;t reallylike the embellishmen ton the mid section, it isn’t flattering or purposful, it just looks a tad random, the one sequin/crystal in teh middle anoys me even more, as if it marks where her belly button is. That being said I liek every toehr aspect, the way her boobs don;t look inflated is such a refresher, and the hair and makeup is perfection.

  6. Emmeline

    Gorgeous dress, and it’s so flattering to her figure. I’m not crazy about the shoes, but everything else is fantastic.

    1. Fiona

      I agree about the shoes – she needs a higher heel as she seems to favour mid-height and they look old-fashioned and a bit cheap. Especially as she likes the dress to have a big split and then puts her foot forward.

  7. Anna

    I think she looks great for once. Do you know who this designer is, FC? I’ve never heard of her, and all of a sudden, she comes up with two remarkable dresses…

  8. MJ

    She looks much better. This designer proves it can be done beautifully. I really liked the Vivienne Westwood, tho. Well, ok, my 6 yo daughter did laugh hysterically when she saw the picture over my shoulder.

  9. VB Lover

    This dress is stunning and she does look sensational in it, but am I the only one that is getting tired of seeing her knockers all the time? Just once I wish she would cover them up and just let her stunning hour-glass figure leave us drooling!

  10. From-chitown

    I was waiting to catch her on tv, but missed. I amso glad to see thAt she looks so good. Dont like her shoes much, but otherwise she looks beautiful.

  11. Danielle

    Perfectly fitted with such exquisite beading, but I really wish the gown was peacock green! It would look wonderful with her fair skin and Titian hair…and yes, better shoes please.

  12. laura D

    I love it, though I agree it would work better without the split

    The fit is absolute perfection. A designer who understands how to fit curves is rare.

  13. beadingchef

    The top half is great, her hair, makeup and the twins work, the bottom half didn’t the way the beading ended made her bottom half look bigger then it should the beading should have come down farther then it would have had a slimming effect and I think would have looked so much better, where the slit was and how it worked did her legs no favor.


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