Daisy Lowe In Jexika – 2011 GQ Men Of The Year Awards

There is one stead fast guarantee at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards; Daisy Lowe will bring her A game.

She did so again tonight on the red carpet for the prestigious event wearing a Jexika lace gown.

Her stunning mermaid gown has an open back and long sleeves.

Daisy’s delicious womanly curves work this look to perfection.

A side swept ponytail, a discreet shoulder bag and hot red lips completed her look.

On anyone else I would’ve been screaming for an updo, but the ponytail keeps her look young and fresh.  An updo would’ve aged her.

Credit: Jexica & Getty

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  • Amanda

    Aww. I love her curves in this too. Pretty girl. I wonder if I could rock this?

  • Erini

    I love this on her and agree with you FC, the side swept pony tail keeps it modern!

  • Jones19

    Wow she looks so much like V. Hudge here…anyway love that silhouette and the print is beautiful.

  • Aaaahh

    I can barely focus on that beautiful dress becuase of that beautiful man ugh Matt Smith <3

  • Pascale

    I really dislike the blunt bangs and the messy hair.
    And the mermaid hem just makes the whole look somewhat dated – the back is pretty, though.

    Not a winner in my eyes.

  • june

    i wish her hair was less, ‘i just got out of bed and shoved it into a ponytail’ (which is what i did and my hair looks exactly like daisy’s). sleeker hair would have sold me on this.

  • Nat39

    Well, I`m screaming for an updo or a sleeker ponytail at least, too much hair all over with this lace gown which I love but would prefer to see it on someone with a SMALLER WAIST!!! This sexy gown SCREAMS for a better silhouette than she can offer! And lose that bag, it`s not working here at all.

    • Lara

      I SO agree with you. She’s another woman whose appeal I don’t get, but that won’t stop me from appreciating when and if she does something to perfection. Here, though, I think he figure does not flatter that dress.

  • kat

    I agree- too messy and distracting

  • Jacqu

    Love the dress, hate the hair. Too messy and distracting.

    • Alina

      I agree.

  • She looks fantastic. I love this look. She totally has the right atittude to pull it off

    • Clover

      The gorgeous sunny smile is the best accessorie. I love it when the girls look like they’re having FUN on the red carpet! So much nicer than the usual scowl/pout/sexyface. J.Lo TAKE NOTE!

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