Marc Jacobs Hong Kong Fashion Show

Kelly Chen looked stunning as she arrived at the Marc Jacobs Hong Kong fashion show yesterday.

The actress wore a look from the Fall 2011 collection which we’ve seen on Anna Wintour.

The main difference it that Anna opted for a green embroidered skirt to Kelly’s black and the Asian beauty added a quirky Marc Jacobs polka dot hat.

I’m not crazy about the burgundy clutch as it feels very out of place, but I love everything else about this look.

Gao Yuan Yuan also wore a Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 look.

A bold shouldered white top with black lace embroidered details was she paired with an embroidered black skirt.

She teamed her look with same polka dot tights as presented on the runway, but she opted out of wearing the red collar.

Instead the actress opted for bold red lips to add a pop of colour to her lady-like chic look.

My heart sank when I saw her shoes.

Who wears chuffed brown shoes with a stunning ensemble like this?

Kitty Zhang also opted for a bold fuchsia pink lip colour for her Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 dress.

Her 40s style figure-hugging dress excludes lady-chic.

The black embroidered dress features structured cap sleeves and a portrait neckline which has a white lace yoke and white satin Peter Pan collar.

Kitty Zhang also added polka dot tights to her look and completed her look with purple suede pumps. has added 30% extra discount to all Marc Jacobs clothing and accessories. Shop Now to take advantage of this offer which ends on Sunday.

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16 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Hong Kong Fashion Show

  1. dee

    I would love Kelly’s outfit without the hat. I wish Gao wore different shoes. I like Kitty’s outfit.

  2. Sea

    I dislike the way the dress fits on Kitty Zhang. It’s either the hemline or the angle. And I’m never a fan of Peter Pan collars.

  3. Nat39

    Can`t get on board with the polka dot tights, no matter what they do on runway, esp. with the socks on top of them (??!!) – they can have their fun and pretend that it looks “fashionably good“ as much as they like there.
    Anyway, Kelly`s look stands out as most chic. The burgundy clutch aside (agree, it looks out of place), the Asian beauty looks fantastic.

  4. cheryl

    Kelly Chen looks beautiful! i love the clutch though, adds an unboring neutral touch to her mostly mono-colored outfit.

    Kitty Zhang’s dress is totally cute, but i kinda hate the polka dotted tights and purple shoes… makes her look bottom down like a clown.

  5. kiwi

    I have voted kelly Chen as week’s best dressed.. I so love this look and soo… much better than Anna”s look.. love the hat :)


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