Laura Haddock In D&G – “The Inbetweeners Movie” World Premiere

Laura Haddock looked like a Hollywood movie star on the red carpet for the World Premiere of “The Inbetweeners Movie” in London yesterday.

The blonde beauty opted to wear a D&G black sheer off-the-shoulder floor-sweeping gown.

Her gown had pleated details and a ruffled trim on the skirt which made the overall look more interesting.

Opting for shimmering eye make-up the actress wore her hair up in a simple ponytail with a parted fringe.

A black bag with the pearl strap wrapped around her wrist and an oversized ring completed her look.

Is anyone else getting a blonde Angelina Jolie vibe from Laura?

Credit: Getty

22 thoughts on “Laura Haddock In D&G – “The Inbetweeners Movie” World Premiere

  1. Jen

    I really, really like the shape of this and the way it fits her. Plus the accessories and the black nail polish are awesome! But … I just don’t think I can get behind all the sheer. The bandeau top under the sheer thing just .doesn’t do it for me. Before I noticed that, though, I was in love.

  2. Kaz

    I REALLY like this look. It’s classy and sexy in equal measure – two of my favourite fashion qualities :)

    I’m getting a bit of a Katherine Jenkins vibe.

    1. Jones19

      Thank you! Katherine Jenkins is who she reminds me of. I like this look a lot, I’m glad she didn’t line the dress.

  3. Cristina Miller

    I cannot get behind this look. I like the purse, hair, makeup, and overall flow of the dress. I am not ok with the sheerness. The bandeau top takes this away from being glamourous for me. If it had not been sheer, BDOTW. Too bad it was.

  4. noo

    i was looking through this blog’s order posts of angelina jolie, you called her mrs. snoozefest, which is the vibe i’ve always gotten from angelina! i don’t get this vibe at all from laura :D her sheer dress with the gold accessories keep it from being boring!

  5. moja31

    Forget what she’s wearing, I’m just thrilled to find out that there’s an Inbetweeners movie! But yes, she does look gorgeous, love everything about it.

  6. Elaine2

    she reminds me of the new princess of Monaco. (Can’t remember her name.).

    Her makeup is great and I like that purse with the pearl strand. Unfortunately, my eye is not trained at the moment for wearing black. It’s only mid-August for pete’s sake…….. LOL

  7. PamG

    Nice at first glance, but up close, it would have been nice if she was a bit more polished (e.g. hair flyaways). I like her purse and ring with the dress but do agree with the others who said she could use some earrings. If in doubt, diamond studs are clean and simple. If she tidied her hair and put on the earrings, it would help make it look like she didn’t just run into her dress and get her makeup put on going out the door. She reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer in the Scarface era.

  8. KateS

    I’ve always been rabidly anti-sheer, but I think I’ve reached that point where there’s just been so much of it on the RC that my eyes have adjust to it. I think this is lovely. The lines are beautiful on her, and I like the soft hair.


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