Emma Roberts In Kate Spade New York – Kate Spade New York Dinner

Emma Roberts hosted the Kate Spade New York dinner to celebrate the launch of the Westward bag collection at the Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood, California yesterday.

The young actress wore a Kate Spade New York strapless striped dress.

The cream and black striped satin strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline was paired with a hot pair of ruby patent Brian Atwood ‘Power’ pumps.

Usually I’m always complaining that the actress appears to live in pumps, but when they are as darling as this you won’t get any complaints from me.

Gorgeous blonde waves, Swarovski jewels and red lippie to match her pumps completed her look.

Credit: Getty

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  • KateS

    It might be a tiny bit big on her, but what an adorable dress! Love the pumps, too.

  • Yum! There is just not enough Kate Spade out there. And those shoes- they look a little like Joan and david (although from that shot they could really be anything). Any idea who made them?

    • Fashion Critic

      Brian Atwood…of course 🙂

      I think she only wears his designs

  • mattison

    The right elements are all there, but I dislike it on her. I think my problem with her has a lot to do with makeup- she almost always looks like she needs better undereye concealer and her eyebrows lightened. And FC’s comment about Kelly Osbourne is spot on- considering I’ve never seen her looking even remotely chic or stylish, I’d have a hard time taking her fashion critiques seriously.

  • Alina

    I don’t love it and I think is because she brings nothing to the outfit.

  • Rebecca Z

    Why is there a contingent that dislikes this young woman so much? Honest question–I am not trying to bait anyone.

    I think she looks darling–it is a great age appropriate dress and the shoes are divine. Her make-up and hair look great.

    • Fashion Critic

      My my view think it comes from the fact that she’s only famous because of her Aunt Julia Roberts and that she’s bland.

      • Olivia

        she’s not famous because of her Aunt, they’re don’t really in touch in real life. Emma’s not like you know, often in the big budget movies, she’s just trying to be a good actress and playing in an indie films. really respect her. always so nice with fans and good looking on events.

        • Fashion Critic

          With all due respect I find that very hard to believe.

          Nepotism is rife in Hollywood.

          Would Kelly Osbourne be fronting a Fashion TV show if not for her famous parents? Would she have ever been considered a singer?

          I could go on but Kelly makes my point rather clearly and loudly.

  • robbie

    she looks fabulous. nice to see a young girl who isnt orange.

  • Tatiana

    I love this look! So cute, fun and flirty! For me Emma almost always looks great, it’s the shoes most times the ones that let me down. However, in this case the shoes work perfectly with the whole look she was going for, so well done Emma! 🙂

  • mol

    She looks beautifully ‘all growed up’!

  • Gaber

    Honestly, the fact that this is Emma is what I dislike the most (or maybe, it’s the only thing I dislike) about this look. She just rubs me the wrong way.
    Everything else works superbly.

  • Elaine2

    Very cute! I like this Kate Spade dress, as compared to that bepoke maternity dress by Spade the other day (that one was awful!)

  • dee

    She looks cute.

  • Moxie

    Click your heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home.”

    Very cute!

  • Jones19

    I can’t remember ever liking a look from Emma but there’s a first time for everything. She looks very elegant and sweet here but I’m never gonna warm to her being blonde though.

    • Fashion Critic

      Ditto. First time for me too

      • maria

        same here.

        • marian

          and me!

    • anna

      couldn’t agree more!
      this is the first look of her that I really like!

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