Demi Lovato In BCBG Max Azria – 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Most Summery Award
Demi Lovato attended the 2011 Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA last night.

She was glowing wearing this summery BCBG Max Azria chiffon and lace dress.

Her sunshine yellow sleeveless dress features lace detailing and is layered over contrast lilac fabric.

The back of her dress drapes down into a longer asymmetrical hemline.

Demi accessorized with suede mustard-hued Christian Louboutin peep-toes, rows of gold and diamond bracelets, several cocktail rings and diamond earrings.

I love Demi’s bright look and think her hair and makeup look gorgeous.

We aren’t usually impressed with Demi on the red carpet, but she does on this occasion.

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20 thoughts on “Demi Lovato In BCBG Max Azria – 2011 Teen Choice Awards

  1. jennifer

    i think her tan looks disgusting and leathery. her weave is too thick and messy, she looks like she’s trying to channel a kardashian

  2. sarah

    how could that hemline be flattering on anyone, really… and her makeup is ridiculous (what is that section of pale). the weave is pretty outdated too tbh.

  3. MichelleTina

    The dress looked better in motion. As for the hair, tan, and makeup… she’s friends with the Kardashians. But I do think she looks comfortable and event/age appropriate here.

  4. roger

    I don’t like it, her hair and make up feel to heavy for the dress, I’am not sure about the lilac/yellow contrast either, this dress gave me a hint of Christopher Kane Spring 2011 RTW (I loved that collection), i don’t like the back of the dress.

  5. june

    half her face is one colour and the other half is another. i call that makeup fail. i think the dress would be a hundred times more flattering had she lowered her neckline a little (to the neckline of the slip)

  6. Naomi

    Yellow looks great on her, but the combo with the lilac is awful.
    The hemline is very unflattering, and there’s waaaay too much hair and make-up going on here

  7. Mahima

    Don’t like the extensions, nor the make up.
    The shoes are way to chunky and the dress’s neckline too. I hate it.

  8. Moxie

    Am I the only one who hates this trend of mullet dresses? Every one I’ve seen looks like the poor girl came out of the bathroom with toilet paper dangling from the back.

  9. Nikole

    Well on the contrary, I happen to think Demi looks absolutely stunning. I love that she took a risk with that bright color because not many people can pull it off but clearly Demi can. So beautiful! <3

  10. Hannah

    I really wish she would get over pageantry hair, makeup adn faketan. She has such an incredibly beautifulface and amazing gorgoeus dark brown eyes, and it really ruins it, adn on thsi occasion feel sliek overkill to me with all the detailign on the dress. The endless bangles adds to that overkill.

  11. Evanna

    I think she looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! The yellow completely suits her and is the perfect color for her now since she’s had a rough year. When she got up on the stage at the TCAs, I actually looked up what she was wearing (mind you- I’m not even a really big Demi Lovato fan and I usually don’t care about what celebs are wearing). It’s an A+ for me!

    P.S. Is it really the nicest thing to do to talk about someone who JUST got out of rehab for image issues? I think not…

  12. S

    BCBG released the dress as a full length gown (and it’s $998 definitely not cheap!), I guess they shortened the hem for Demi since it was the Teen Choice Awards and all. I don’t know why you’re all being this harsh on her, I happen to like the dress, the yellow works good on her complexion and think she’s gorgeous. I do wish she would stop wearing all of those hair extensions because she doesn’t need them, she’s beautiful with her own hair. I agree with Evanna, she’s had a rough year but how she’s picking herself up is quite admirable.


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