Sandra Bullock In Lanvin – “The Change Up” LA Premiere

Sandra Bullock made a very rare appearance on the red carpet for “The Change Up” LA Premiere last night, to support her BFF Ryan Reynolds.

The Oscar-winning actress looked very elegant wearing a black Lanvin Fall 2010 jumpsuit.

Her all-in-one was paired with strappy black sandals, hooped earrings, gold bracelets and rosy glow.

I wish she had defined the waist with a belt or waistband, but the look does a lot to elongate her slender figure as it is.

Sandra and Ryan became close pals after starring in ‘The Proposal’ together back in 2009.

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22 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock In Lanvin – “The Change Up” LA Premiere

  1. Marvel

    I love it. Yes its black, yes she could have done with a pop of colour but she looks happy and I kinda like how the solid black look is against the bright red carpet. Much better than Olivia.

  2. Rebecca Z

    Stunning–BDOTW candidate in my opinion. The belt looks too biker for Sandra, though I like it personally. She just looks incredible

  3. AW

    The hair needed some help but other than that she looks hot! She’s not in the film so I think she made a nice low key choice

  4. Elaine2

    I like the runway styling better, the edgy shoes and belt really look good. Sandra’s shoes seem to delicate to me.

  5. Laura

    A belt in a color would’ve made this look for two reasons:
    One, it would’ve defined her waist as you pointed out.
    Two, it would’ve broken up the sea of black that is this look.

    As is, the look kind of bores me.

  6. Jones19

    Ah I would’ve died if this had been worn with a belt. Otherwise it’s flawless. FYI Ryan and Sandra have been friends even before doing The Proposal together :)

  7. Thomas

    this looked bad on Gemma Arteron and shew should have chosen something else from this collection or any other collection i mean she can get anything in the world why a rerun and why a rerun of a look that failed the first time

  8. Sandie

    I’m not very into black outfits lately but for some reason I like this one. Maybe because it seems effortless and I like the simplicity of the whole appearance.

  9. M

    i relised its not easy to pull of lanvin… some looks have turned out bad on the redcarpet… on this occasion, i have to say i love her in this jumpsuit… she looks fab and full of confidence.. great!!!

  10. Joy

    I love Sandra always. For me, this outfit SO looks like it needs a belt that I bet she tried one (or a few) and didn’t like the look. I think she looks great! Confidence is beautiful!

  11. justme

    Idk why but I really like her hair lol.
    This look is simpler without the belt but it still works.


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