Rosamund Pike In Alexander McQueen – “The Devil’s Double” London Premiere

Rosamund Pike attended the London Premiere of her new movie, “The Devil’s Double” at the Vue West End.

The British actress opted to wear a British designer like many other stars last night.

Her Alexander McQueen tweed dress from the Fall 2011 collection with two front slits on the skirt was paired with black peep-toes.

Rosamund’s winter white Alexander McQueen dress is highlighted at the waist with a gleaming metal zipper, which can be easily mistaken for a belt in the long shot of this picture.

The second I saw Rosamund in this dress I immediately thought of Maria Sharapova who is also a huge fan of McQueen.

The major difference is that Maria would’ve put more effort into her hair and make-up plus she would’ve picked a more interesting pair of shoes.

All these elements are lacking when it comes to Rosamund, but thankfully the dress speaks for itself.

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20 thoughts on “Rosamund Pike In Alexander McQueen – “The Devil’s Double” London Premiere

  1. Laura

    I really like the effortlessness of this dress. It doesn’t even look like McQueen to me. With the material, I was thinking more Chanel.

  2. Paddy M

    Rosamund usually looks so much better. There are lots of other British designers whose pieces she often wears, but it’s not the (uninspiring) dress that bothers me, it’s the lack of effort overall, with the black peep-toes and the ponytail.

  3. Jones19

    A gorgeous dress is wasted here, her accessories and hair show she didn’t put any effort into this at all. Looks downright sloppy.

  4. roxana

    very, very, very ugly hair! some girls don’t deserve to be on the red carpet and wear all these beautiful dresses!

  5. maria

    she also has one of my pet peeves: her eyebrows are too dark for her hair colour. And with the lack of makeup it’s even more evident. She looks like she is trying it on and came out of a changing room…

  6. Sandie

    It’s like she got dressed in 5 minutes and ran out of the house because she was running late. She seems bored too.

  7. pipsqueak

    I’m disappointed with those shoes. They made her legs look terrible. She could use a personal trainer and a stylist if she wants a career in Hollywood. Not that everyone wants the big studios’ validation, but that I wish her greater success – more leading roles. I really like Rosamund – she’s got a etheral look and acting shops. But she never quite stands out on the red carpet.

  8. Azalea

    I like Rosamund’s look… it’s kind of shabby chic which is a very English thing and she does it so well.


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