Julianne Moore In Lanvin - "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Julianne Moore In Lanvin – “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

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  • justme

    I went with Ana. I love those Gucci gowns and she rocked hers like a pro.

    FC, I don’t know if it’s the right place to tell you that but I’ve been having problems with the site, especially during the day. All I see is empty spaces with a red cross at the top right instead of the pics. Maybe it’s my browser?

    • Fashion Critic

      Some others are having issues. We are rebuilding the site to fix it.

  • anne

    I didn’t have eyes for anyone other than Dannii. With an honorary mention to SJP who had some great outfits lately. Can’t wait to see who wins :D!

  • Pearls

    I as tempted to vote for frieda esp after that cover but Ana de la Reguera is just perfect

  • Tahlia

    I can’t pick between Ana and Danni. I think Ana JUST nudges ahead for the vote.

  • Rita

    I would have picked Dannii if her dress would have been longer and if she was wearing different shoes. now I voted for Ana de la Reguera. Mila is beautiful too!

  • San be

    such lovely colours.

  • Alina

    Ana de la Reguera in Gucci.

    Have a great weekend,FC!

    • Fashion Critic

      You too x

    • Emi

      + 1

  • jennifer

    I’m going to do a write in vote for Miley Cyrus at the Starkey Gala party. Two gorgeous outfits.

  • Nat39

    Voted for Dannii M’s breathtaking red lace dress – a dress like this comes once in a lifetime, doesn’t matter much how you style it.
    Ana’s buttocks and short stocky legs, Sofia’s bracelet overload, Freida’s awkward dress design in the back, and Mila’s shoes took themselves out of competition respectively.

  • Carmen

    Why didn’t you put Ginnifer Goodwin on the list? I LOVED her Roksanda Ilincic dress! She would’ve won for me.

    • NooG

      I agree. I voted for Ana but Ginnifer was definitely my favorite of the week. Still, great choices for this week FC. 🙂

  • It’s Jamie King in Valentino for me 🙂

  • Luis

    My Top 3 are
    : )

  • Rachel

    Jamie King is the clear winner for me. She looks exquisite, otherwise a very unispiring week

  • Shaina

    I had a really hard time choosing between Ana de la Reguera and Dita, in the end Dita got my vote.

  • Sandie

    Tough choice but I went for Sofia Vergara cause I adore her earrings and the colour of her dress!

  • Dahlia

    Absolutely love Ana de la Reguera’s!!!

  • Gotta be Dong Jie, the outfit is so feminine and futuristic whilst also being retro, I just adore it, it’s a pity she’s not first.

    At least she’s beating Nicola Roberts. GAH.

  • Moxie

    Danii was the most memorable, so I voted for her.

  • Christine

    Mila Kunis. that look was beautiful, even the shoes.

  • fromchi-town

    Quite a few good looks this week. But Danni looked exquisite – she is the clear winner for me!!

    • Elaine2

      Me too – but I had difficulty choosing between two other people.

      Great fun, this Best of the Week competition! Thanks, FC!

      • Fashion Critic

        You are welcome

  • Hannah

    Easily this was Ana de la Reguera in Gucci for me, every little thing was perfection. Dong Jie was a very easy second for me and if I was pressed to pick a third probably Mila.

    • Hannah

      Oh and have a lovely weekend FC!

      • Fashion Critic

        You too sweetie x

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