Dita on Teese In Vintage – “The Cointreau MargaDita” Dallas Launch

Cointreau Brand Ambassador Dita Von Teese launched her latest namesake cocktail the ‘Cointreau MargaDita’ in Dallas, Texas last night at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.

The Burlesque star wore a vibrant-coloured vintage floral dress accented with a flowing green and yellow sash.

Her dress was paired with custom-made Christian Louboutin heels and a chartreuse Christian Louboutin feathered clutch.

I love that we are seeing Dita wearing something so colourful, but I don’t think the sash was really necessary.

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  • Perfection. The sash stops this from being just another boring floral dress, and lends a 50’s tropicana vibe (especially with the feathered clutch). Love it!

  • kh

    i own several vintage dresses that are similar, the sashes are sewn on/part of the structure most of the time. it’s not like you can just take them off.

  • Dhppy

    I adore the sash. It’s a genius touch. It updates the dress. I’m amazed anyone can see the shoes in this photo well enough to comment. I can’t.

  • anne

    Love at first sight for me! I’m not even a fan of hers but this look is head to toe perfection. The clutch is gorgeous and i don’t find the shoes to be boring, it’s just that we can’t see the details.

  • Kaki

    She has a Rumor Willis face, not cute at all! I have never seen such a bland stripper that warrants this much praise!

  • Alina

    I love Dita but I think this look is a little too much.

  • robbie

    I AM IN LOVE! head to toe perfection.

  • mol

    I think if only the sash had been a little shorter, I would have liked it more – the dress itself has a kind of tiki bar ’50’s vibe which I love – hawaiian punch anyone?

  • Paddy M

    I love the sash! I think it elevates the dress from being a nice vintage dress to looking quite couture! As a touch, it reminds me of the Japanese influences in the Fall 2011 Armani Prive show. BDOTW for me, as usual with DIta 🙂

    • Jen T


  • shopgirl

    she look good here love her lipstick color very pop color wish if she chose the same color for her shoes .. the dress is class and elegnet .

  • Nat39

    Oh, this is certainly colorful. Agree with FC about the sash – it’s excessive here, creating a ‘decorative upholstery-esque’ overload. A thin belt would’ve been perfectly sufficient and worked well with the delicate thin straps of the dress. Dislike the shoes with this dress. The interesting clutch (I like it) certainly got my attention but it kinda adds to the above mentioned overload.

  • justme

    The sash wasn’t necessary but it works. I know it’s her signature look but her foundation is killing me though. It’s way too light and way too much.

  • Jimmy

    I live in Dallas and actually got to see the beautiful Miss Von Teese. The dress was even more beautiful in person and the sash was perfection. I have never seen anyone with such a stunning complexion. She is a vision.

    • Sharon

      I am so jealous! I would love to see Dita and hopefully in something as colorful as this dress. I think the sash belongs – very much of the era. I always nominate her for BDOTW, and I’m not changing now.

  • Carmen

    I think Dita looks gorgeous. I’m on the fence about the sash though. I’m not sure if it’s a little too much. I love her clutch, but her shoes don’t look any more special than any other simple Christian Louboutin pumps.

  • maria

    i love the dress and i like the twotoned sash. I love the waist definition it gives her and it adds even more to the retro feel.

  • Lara

    I quite like the sash. She looks gorgeous. Love the array of complementary colours

  • AW

    I disagree about the sash, it’s beautiful, highlights her tiny waist and breaks up what might’ve been a boring dress made from old hotel drapes.

  • Rebecca Z

    I think it is quite beautiful and I like the sash. Too bad you can’t see the clutch. BORING shoes.

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