Calista Flockhart In Emporio Armani – “Cowboys & Aliens” World Premiere

Calista Flockhart joined husband Harrison Ford and a host of other stars on the red carpet for the “Cowboys & Aliens” World Premiere during Comic-Con 2011 on Saturday in San Diego, California.

She looked very youthful wearing an Emporio Armani strapless dress.

The white and navy strapless cocktail dress was paired with some black sandals which wouldn’t have been my first choice.

Calista is usually sticks to wearing vintage dresses on the red carpet, so it’s really interesting that she opted for something cute and modern.

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21 thoughts on “Calista Flockhart In Emporio Armani – “Cowboys & Aliens” World Premiere

  1. Moxie

    The dress and light make-up were perfect for a hot SoCal premiere, but I agree about the shoes. Wrong color and too clunky for this look.

      1. Moxie

        Yeah, she definitely could have used a few accessories. Although… Harrison Ford would be enough of an accessory for me! Or Daniel Craig. I’m not fussy. :)

  2. Nat39

    The dress is too youthful for her, the washed-out make-up doesn’t help, agree about the shoes. Don’t like it at all.

    1. Carolina

      Agreed – my first thought is that the dress is too young. I don’t tend to like this sort of bustline, either. It seems to have a way of simultaneously minimizing – then showcasing – the bust, and not in an attractive way. There is a sort of 40s vibe to the top part, anyway. But the overall impression is flat and plain. There’s not a single thing that pops (much as I hate the expression).

  3. Sandie

    I think she could have added a necklace or maybe some earrings because there’s something wrong around the neck.Too much skin!

  4. mol

    I like the length of her hair – the makeup is maybe a little under done, but otherwise, I find this whole look appealing.

  5. Tahj

    I have always loved her style. A lot of people get compared to Audrey Hepburn. Well I think she comes the closest to Audrey Hepburn stylewise, dressing for her petite frame, and the simple, chic looks she goes for.

  6. JacobGH

    Normally I don’t really go for this kind of style but I just can’t bring myself to ever dislike a Calista look! She is my thinspiration :)

  7. Elaine2

    I think she is adorable, but I don’t like this outfit on her at all. It’s OK, but it’s not WOW. The things I don’t like are the strapless factor combined with the heavy sandals. I think thin women like her need something going on in the upper chest area, like straps, sleeves, or a ballet neckline. At least she didn’t do a plunging neckline.

  8. Carmen

    Calista looks adorable! And oh-so tiny! I think the heels are acceptable. Not the most amazing choice, but acceptable.


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