Emma Stone In Tom Ford – “Crazy, Stupid, Love” World Premiere

Emma Stone hit another home-run on the red carpet at the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” World Premiere, which was held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City last night.

She looked stunning wearing a Tom Ford Fall 2011 dress, which gives us our first look at this collection on the red carpet.

The black guipure lace dress with a velvet ribbon was thankfully modified as Emma’s version doesn’t have the long sheer lace sleeves.

Emma’s glossy hair was swept behind one ear and elegantly flip on the other side to create a sex screen-siren retro hairstyle.

Beautiful deep pink lips, dazzling drop earrings and Christian Louboutin Metallip pumps completed her look.

She’s on a roll. Stand back and let it continue.

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  • emily

    Sorry but I don’t like this look at all.

  • ME

    I don’t like the dress. Her hair and makeup are great though.

  • Sharon

    I really like this dress and think she looks lovely in it. The too-big shoes are a bit distracting, but nice. I’m really glad you posted a couple of pictures of her alone, FC, because in the ones with Ryan, it’s hard to tear my eyes away to look at her. 🙂

  • justme

    I would have liked the cherry pop of color better via her shoes than via her lipstick.

  • dee

    She looks flawless. Love the hair, makeup and shoes. The dress is really lovely as well.

  • Why add more to your hips than you need to? I feel the same way about peplums. Don’t do it if you don’t have to! She looks like she’s wearing a large apron.

  • carine

    i cannot think of other young actress who might compete with emma at this point. she is clearly leading the pack of stylish, adventurous and risk taking actresses. there are a few other worth mentioning but she clearly takes the crown. amazing grace and everything just looks natural on her…not like is trying too hard to wear this cool dresses. definitely my style crush at the moment on the red carpet.

  • Linda

    I’ve never seen her look more beautiful. Her hair and makeup are flawless. She looks gorgeous – and Ryan Gossling – I LOVE his suit. They look really, really great together, very dapper and stylish and Hollywood. BDOTW worthy – both of them!

  • Francesca

    What’s with the pose?

  • Hermione Weasley

    I like the dress and I like it on Emma, but for some reason I don’t think she’s actually ‘feeling’ the whole look. She looks a bit awkward posing with her arms like that, I don’t know…

    • ohlala

      So do I, she’s not selling it.

    • Fee

      Ditto. I much prefer this to yesterday’s look but I do wish she wasn’t posing with her arms like that – I feel like it’s deliberate to show off the shape of the dress but it makes her look a hunchback.

    • Nat39

      Agreed, she is not selling this look at all. I wonder how Amber Heard would work this look.
      On the side note, love the red heels on the model!

  • bibi

    Can somebody please explain to me how all these celebrities take any steps in pumps with a good centimeter room at the heel? I keep seeing it on the red carpet! why? Do I buy my shoes too small? I need to buy extra tight pumps so my toes are a little scrunched other I fall out of them each step I take.

    • Victoria

      my thought exactly! What are they, glued to her soles, so that she can actually walk in those stilettos?

      • Fashion Critic

        They must be glued.

        I’ve tried walking in shoes a size bigger and its almost impossible

        • Fee

          Is that actually a thing or just a joke? Because I cannot walk in ‘grown-up’ shoes without a strap for the life of me. I think my heels must be the wrong shape. If there is a way to glue my feet in I want to know about it 🙂

          • Fashion Critic

            I remember reading an interview with a model (can’t remember who) and she said that shoes were glued to her feet to stop them falling off on the runway.

            Usually shoes come in about 3 sizes – I believe – if they are samples.

            I think that’s why we see this a lot.

        • bibi

          Thanks for the tip! But why do they wear them like that?

        • bibi

          Oh, sorry, i see you explained it’s because they are samples 🙂

  • She looks beautiful, as ever!

    I am so happy to see some Tom Ford on the red carpet…

  • Lucinda

    This is pure class.

  • Femme

    she sure is on a roll, this time rocking the ultimate accessory: Ryan Gosling

    • Fashion Critic


    • mol

      No kidding, Ryan can hang with the best of the ladies – his fashion sense is amazing…..oh, and Emma looks great too…

    • carine

      genius observation:)

  • slashdot

    She looks amazing and very polished. The only flaw I could find is that she should have worn shoes her size cuz they really look ridiculous.

    • Fashion Critic


      • heather

        That’s something I’ve always been curious about…so many stars seem to be wearing shoes that are at least 1 or 2 sizes too big on the red carpet. Does anyone know why? And how do they walk? If my pumps are even slightly loose, my heels slip out of them and gracefulness goes out the door.

    • Fiona

      One of my pet peeves.

  • allie


  • melissa

    Oh my, Ryan Gosling’s looking dapper himself!! Where’s his suit from!!

    • Fashion Critic

      He is too hot.

      I can’t even stand it.

    • JacobGH

      Yes! He looks smokin and his suit is amazing, I’d love to know where it’s from. Him and RPatz really know how to work their suit game.

    • justme

      Ryan doesn’t do boring suits and my love for him grows every time thanks to that.

  • Mick

    I love it! Even more than the Giambattista Valli! Emma is definitely a girl crush of mine

  • MG

    love the hair and makeup

  • Alina

    Stunning, but again I think her hair could have been styled better.

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