Mollie King In Julien Macdonald – “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” World Premiere

Mollie King looked gorgeous on the red carpet for the “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” World Premiere in London tonight.

The Saturday’s singer and girlfriend of David Gandy, opted for a summery lingerie-inspired dress by British designer Julien Macdonald.

Her Spring 2011 Julien Macdonald Peignoir petal-print silk-chiffon dress has a beautiful floaty bohemian feel to it.

The rise and fall gown shows off her bronzed toned legs and regrettably her Nicholas Kirkwood two-tone black and white python peep-toes.

The yellow tone of the runway models strappy sandals worked perfectly with blush and orange petal-print.

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J. K Rowling In Oscar de la Renta - "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2" World Premiere

J. K Rowling In Oscar de la Renta – “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” World Premiere

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  • Lizzy

    Absolutely could have done without the belt, but those shoes are hideous. Could have been such a homerun without them.

  • gabis

    This is look is a complete mess. Everybody hated her shoes, yes, they’re hideous and they don’t match the dress, but to me the biggest problem is the dress itself. It looks powerful and stunning on the runway model, but on Mollie King looks like something she has been stepping on and tearing up slowly. I feel like she going to loose the “tail” of the dress before she makes it to the exhibition room.

  • Alina

    I love the print of the dress. I wish the skirt was floor-length – maybe I wouldn’t have seen the shoes.

  • Lynxy

    From the waist up, I do like this look, particularly the belt.

    From the waist down it’s a different story. I’ve never met a mullet dress I’ve liked. Plus, these shoes are so wrong with this outfit, I can’t imagine why anyone thought they worked.

  • robbie

    looks like she just cut up a topshop dress. also it is just way too short in my opinion.

  • Iris

    On the model the dress looks feminine, soft and floaty but on Mollie it looks like she took to it with scissors. The shoes are a tragedy especially when she would have access to so many choices. The only positive of this look is the addition of the belt.

  • India-Jewel

    I want this dress!!!!!

  • Alexandra

    i don’t know why i’m not feeling it, maybe it’s the shoes or maybe because it seems more LA party than London Premiere

  • Marvel

    I’ve never liked his stuff Julien Macdonalds work and this is no exception

  • Keely

    She was really struggling with this dress in the wind. Not really appropriate for the weather…

  • Marybeth

    Yikes. If you MUST wear a mullet dress, the shoes have GOT to be right or at least neutral.

    With a mini, the observer can “block out” bad shoes by mentally cutting the look off at the ankles, an easy thing to do when the fabric and shoe lines are so far apart. With a gown, you can hope the hooves are mostly hidden. But with a mullet, your eye is forced downward with the train. The shoes are fully exposed yet visually very near the fabric.

    Pretty girl. Pretty dress.
    Too bad.

    • tatiana

      I completely agree. Mullets are tricky. i do like the dress and think is lovely for the summer. At first glimpse her shoes got a pass from me, but FC’s discontent earned another look and now I see how they don’t work with the fabric.

  • Cute, and floaty and the print is very summery, but I think the amount of skin she’s revealing distracts from the dress without being feminine-sexy. To me it’s just a bit too low in the neck OR too high on her thighs. She should have lengthened it a little in one way or the other, IMO.

    • anna

      i agree! i didn’t like this look for these reosons!
      it’s a beautiful print tho

  • mm

    how in the world did those black/white shoes make it anywhere near this dress?

    • Fashion Critic

      It beggers belief

      • mol


      • Rebecca Z

        I feel this way about the whole look. Keep it in the bedroom!

    • justme

      seriously, someone’s gonna have to explain that one for me.

  • Amy

    Love the belt I think it gives off a Bohemian vibe….and HATE the shoes.
    But I’m most confused as to why she was there I think.

    • pam

      Oh no, I hate the belt. Ruins it for me.

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