Elle Fanning In Chanel Couture – Front Row @ Chanel Couture

Elle Fanning is one of my favourite teen stars on the red carpet.

The blonde actress stayed up way past her bedtime to sit front row at the Chanel Fall 2011 Couture presentation, which started around 10pm in Paris last night.

Whilst I’ve loved her in Valentino Couture, that love doesn’t flow to her wearing Chanel Couture.

Her Chanel Spring 2011 flatforms are frightfully ugly and do not complement her Chanel Spring 2009 Couture mini dress, which isn’t particularly flattering on her in the first place.

I hate to pigeon-hole Elle, but the best she’s looked this year was when she wore Marc Jacobs and D&G.

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37 thoughts on “Elle Fanning In Chanel Couture – Front Row @ Chanel Couture

  1. alessia

    Hello. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that you haven’t talked about Valentino parade. Well, I think that it was very fashionable and elegant, really italian style. Don’t you think the same? The semi-trasparent gowns were to me fabolous.

  2. Holly

    Don’t know why those shoes were ever created, but I actually like the dress, I think it’s quite nice for a young girl. Just a shame you cant focus on it.

    1. Quinn

      i like the dress too. for me it suits her really well. it wud’ve been a perfect look if it weren’t for the shoe choice.

  3. gabis

    The dress is lovely. I love how Elle Fanning always manages to dress chic and age appropriated at the same time. I love her hair and makeup as well. But I agree with you on her shoes. They really do not work with that dress…

  4. justme

    Those platforms are like traditional Japanese shoes (don”t remember the name right now)… not a good look.

  5. Jones19

    Those shoes are hideous indeed, Elle has been so good on the red carpet that I’m baffled by this. Did she change her stylist?

  6. Emi

    I don’t particularly like the dress and I think those are among the ugliest shoes ever designed, really. I kinda love Karl Lagerfeld and his uber ego, but sometimes he’s able to design some horrible shoes, really. The boots he designed for Hogan are embarrassing.

  7. kimi

    The shoes got to go! Everything was pretty and young but as my eyes were drifting down to her shoes, my eyes just rolled back.

  8. LucĂ­a

    She looks so great in that dress but those shoes are horrible. I don’t think I would like them with anything else, let alone that cute dress.

  9. Kate

    Im definately in the minority here but i dont think the shoes on her are….that bad! Only because shes a teenager though! I chuckled and remembered the huge platform shoes i had as a kid, why CHANEL are making them (well i guess its the japanese inspiration) to go with their beautiful couture is puzzling. My main problem is that she doesnt look that happy, hopefully she was smiling/comfortable in others!

  10. robbie

    if linda from “gimme gimme gimme” she would love those shoes.

    the dress has had all the life sucked out of it, and the shoes well the less said about them then better.

  11. Luiza

    I really like this dress on her and I think is very age appropriate. the problem, of course, are these horrible heavy sandals

  12. Hisadora

    I ”liked” this look.. but then I saw those RIDICULOUS white shoes….. It could have been better had she worn black, green, red, pink, blue shoes… but white????

  13. Hannah

    I geuinely didn’t midn the dress, it was one of my favourite Chanel collections in recent years, but I can’t help but think aother dress or outfit from that collection would have been a lot better on her, ad I especially would have loved to have seen one of the collection’s many cap-sleeved jackets or tops, such as the one presented with this look on the runway, as I feel it would have looked great on her.
    I actually have no words for the shoes, they are worse than the dior ‘couture’ collection. Classic flat chanel pumps would have been so much better, especially since she can pull them off.

  14. moja31

    good god those shoes are ghastly. the dress however is still kind of cute on her.
    yet another celeb taking us back to chanel 2009, interesting.

  15. doc

    Terrible shoes. They look like cinder blocks with shoelaces. Like something Wilma Flinstone would wear if she ever decided she wanted to wear shoes. Wow, I wish I could send them to that alternate dimension where they send criminals in Superman. The dress is great though.

  16. Raquel

    I’m kind of… really, I don’t know how to explain, but what a 13 years old is doing at a couture presentation? I don’t want to sound conservative, or ignorant, or anything like that but shouldn’t she be doing more teen-ish things?

    The shoes and the clothes don’t match. Simple like that.

  17. Joe

    I actually like the dress on her. I would’ve changed the A-line for a pencil shape but it gives her the youthful look. One thing I don’t disagree on are those disgusting “flatforms”. I hated them when I saw them on the runway, and I hate them now. I read in Vogue that she got to keep them. Well girl, you can HAVE them. Cuz none of us want them.

  18. anna

    I like the dress! Its age approtriate and very cute. shoes are real ugly, but like that she is playing with fashion. Finally she looks 14 or whatever she is!


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