Armani Privé Fall 2011 “Hommage au Japon”

Giorgio Armani titled his Armani Privé Fall 2011 collection, “Hommage au Japon.”

The designers work has often drawn inspiration from Japan, his Armani Privé Spring 2009 collection is a perfect example.

As an admirer of the captivating culture and the refined sense of aesthetics of this country, the designer found himself profoundly moved by the tragic earthquake in March, so he dedicate this Armani Privé Fall 2011 Couture collection to Japan.

The designer favoured a sleek silhouette of classic chic looks, mixing black with gorgeous vivid floral prints throughout this collection.

Velvet was used heavily. We saw velvet suits, bustier tops, tapered skirts, pants and obi belts which accented
several pieces.

With Cate Blanchett and Katie Holmes in the front row the designer catered to both their needs.

The stronger, directional, modern pieces would be mastered by Cate, who could easily pull off the floral suit with the patent leather belt as effortlessly as the floral print Mikado silk skirt suit and the black velvet bustier gown with Swarovski fringed details on the hips.

Katie may chose the more classic Armani pieces like the signature tailored jackets, velvet pants suits, or the black bustier gowns. I would personally love to see her in Look 34.

Front Row: Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, Olivia Palermo and Daphne Guinness

Favourites: Floral print duchess satin suit and strapless gown with tangerine embroidered top and black sequin skirt.

Key Accessories: Floral clutches, fan fascinator, obi belts, patent leather belts and geishas hairstyle-shaped fascinators

Who I Would Like To See Wearing This Collection: Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, Jodie Foster, Rihanna and Marion Cotillard


Cate Blanchett In Armani Privé - Front Row @ Armani Privé

Cate Blanchett In Armani Privé – Front Row @ Armani Privé

Olivia Palermo In Zara - Front Row @ Stephane Rolland Couture

Olivia Palermo In Zara – Front Row @ Stephane Rolland Couture

14 Responses to Armani Privé Fall 2011 “Hommage au Japon”

  1. Laura July 6, 2011 at 22:17 #

    the first look it’s very Louis Vuitton

  2. Alina July 6, 2011 at 07:32 #

    This collection was made for Cate Blachett.

  3. Lwren July 6, 2011 at 01:46 #

    The collection is bravo,much better than Christian Dior…Doubt the absence of Megan Fox.
    Hope Cate can put any of them on…

  4. Tahj July 5, 2011 at 23:27 #

    It was Jodie Foster who started the trend of celebrities wearing armani on the red carpet. She has the Venice Film Festival coming up and other events for Carnage. Wonder what she wears from Mr. Armani. I like the last collection better. It was sleeker. These would fit Cate Blanchett though.

  5. Emi July 5, 2011 at 21:08 #

    Great collection, I’m looking forward to see all the looks but my connection now doesn’t allow me to do it! Honestly I don’t see Rihanna wearing this collection, or Armani in general, but I only saw these few looks, unfortunately. And honestly, I don’t understand what Armani see in K. Holmes, beside the fact that she’s married to a super star, or maybe that’s the reason.

    • Fashion Critic July 5, 2011 at 21:34 #

      I see her in the black and orange strapless number.

      I remember when she used to wear Prive in her early days

      • Rebecca Z July 5, 2011 at 21:56 #

        Totally agree re Rihanna!

      • Emi July 6, 2011 at 06:30 #

        Yes, you’re right but now it seems, to me, that she just wants to catch attention, and she often does it in the wrong way. She’s not Gaga, which has a crazy style, or maybe Rihanna’s taste changed.

    • Laura July 6, 2011 at 00:55 #

      But she has stepped away from Armani in the last years. I wish she would wear pieces from this collection. Outside of Lady gaga, there are no pop singers who dress well. Not compared to Hollywood and some models. I don’t know if she will wear this, however.

  6. dee July 5, 2011 at 19:53 #

    Great collection. I personally would like to see Katie Holmes in look 36. Cate can wear any of the pieces.

  7. Cheryl July 5, 2011 at 19:52 #

    I can’t stand it!! I won’t be able to handle the perfection that is Cate Blanchett wear this collection!!! TOO MUCH!!! <3

  8. Ariel July 5, 2011 at 19:36 #

    Not my favorite Armani Prive collection. Such a let down after the last collection.

  9. Paddy M July 5, 2011 at 19:12 #

    I still can’t get enough of the last Armani Prive collection – it might be one of my favourite collections of all time. This collection is also very beautiful. I adored several of the pieces. The orange that came in towards the end was particularly nice, and the final gown took my breath away.

    I agree, FC, I was thinking of Cate Blanchett when I saw many of the looks.

    • Fashion Critic July 5, 2011 at 19:31 #

      I’m sure he designs with her in mind. Each look is a Blanchett look

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