Princess Charlene of Monaco In Armani Privé – Wedding Gala Dinner

For the Gala Dinner on the Opéra terraces following her wedding last night in Monaco, Princess Charlene wore an elegant sleeveless Armani Privé white gown with tiered ruffles.

Her lightly embellished gown was her third look of the weekend, well 4 if you count the removal of her jacket and addition of the Tabbah choker for the Jean Michel Jarre concert.

The glamorous party included royals from around the world and supermodels like Naomi Campbell (look to follow).

Credit: Getty

17 thoughts on “Princess Charlene of Monaco In Armani Privé – Wedding Gala Dinner

  1. K.

    I loved this dress when I first saw it on TV. I really liked the way it moved. It looks so light and soft and considering the current (and yesterday’s) temperatures in Monaco, it also looks like the princess will be pleasantly cool in it. The dress strikes me as very modest in comparison to her wedding gown (which was breathtakingly beautiful, yes, agreed! ;) ). The only thing that saddens me is that she removed that gorgeous diamond hair piece she wore during the ceremony. I’m absolutely positive it must have been a very heavy piece of jewelry… but it would’ve been worth it! Wish she would smile a bit more, though. It’s YOUR day, Charlene and you have such a beautiful smile – don’t hide it!

  2. Alex

    She looked amazing in all of her wedding dresses, and even if she tried her best she still looked not very happy during ceremony.

    1. Emi

      It doesn’t concerns fashion but I heard that an italian woman is expecting a child from Prince Albert, and he has a 6 years old child… That’s a good reason to be a bit unhappy, I guess… The dress is gorgeous, King Giorgio is always so classy…

      1. anamika

        aw I heard that too…..he has kids all over the world…and hey ….is she got the ring the title and all the money in the world!…but hey that does justify why she never smiles!….
        bloody woman is cold! brrrrrrrr

        1. Emi

          She’s known for being very shy, personally I like understated women, i don’t like people who smile all the time, it seems kinda fake to me. Plus, if you consider all the rumors before the wedding… I read that she almost changed her mind and she wanted to go back to he country.

        2. anamika

          We all heard about it.
          She knew he’s a womaniser also there were or rumors about a more tacky sex life!(which I wouldn’t comment on) I really don’t care.
          but when you really love some one
          LOVE triumphs. And you assume! Smile because you are in control you have the ring!
          You must be a strong woman to have the role of the queen.
          And men will be men!

  3. robbie

    she looks as if she is being held hostage either that or is in pain. very pretty dress though.

    1. Laura

      I have family in South Africa. I have been there many times this year…..They are reserved. Of course a 33yrold shy woman and her 53yorld husband are not going to be all giggly like william and kate. She is happy or she would not have married him. She looks great and I wish her and her hubby the many beautiful heirs.

  4. Laura

    That is how she is. You are not gonna see a big, squeeky grin from her. I have a copy of Tatler magazine from last year – before anyone knew who she was, or these evil rumors of fueled by jealousy….And she is the same way. Posh spice was hardly the smile queen. Halle Berry is known for her smile, but she has never been happy in love. Princess of Caroline will deliver many great style choices for our eyes to feast on, and that is all that should matter.

  5. Hannah

    She looks incredible, I prefer thi seven to her weddin gdress. This is honestly another one ot add to my bdoty list, sh elooks amazing, perfectly reminiscent of her stlye and the event. Gorgeous!

  6. pipsqueak

    She looks so elegant – a grave beauty and perhaps a romantic thinking she could save this man with love (sigh). Anyway, I like a woman who doesn’t grin all the time. We have too many big, toothy smiles on American magazine covers (though the good teeth are worth showing off). He could be attractive too if he lost some weight. Men should be subject to the same weight watch scrutiny.

    1. anamika

      well you would like me then!
      Am born in S.A with the sunshine in my head/eyes/heart….and I smile to life.
      come to Paris and you see how French never smile…they are always pessimist.


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