Sidewalk Style: Salma Hayek’s Balenciaga Shoes & Bottega Veneta Bag

Back in April last year, Salma Hayek wore Balenciaga Spring 2010 shoes on the red carpet, and I was not best pleased.

I prefer a more glamorous Salma on the red carpet. At the time I felt she was trying too hard.

Cut to a year later, and the First Lady of The Gucci Group was spotted wearing her Balenciaga heels again.

This time she wore them on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

I much prefer the heels worn in this type of setting than on the red carpet.

The actress wore her heels with a draped navy dress and a Bottega Veneta Brick Cervo bag.

Credit: FashionWindows & Fame Pictures

21 thoughts on “Sidewalk Style: Salma Hayek’s Balenciaga Shoes & Bottega Veneta Bag

  1. dee

    First of all, the shoes are ugly. Secondly, they do nothing for Salma’s legs. They make her legs look stumpy.

    1. Gigi

      So right. They are the devil’s shoes. Hideous. She’s not tall or slender enough. Not to say she’s not a gorgeous creature… but these are a sin.

  2. mochababe73

    I don’t think that they flatter her legs at all. Mine are similarly shaped and short (long torso), and I would never wear them. Maybe they would look better with skinny jeans.
    You have to know your body. There are alot of things that I want to wear that I just don’t. Salma should do the same.

  3. Sarah

    Nooooo. Hate to say it, as I love Salma, but she just looks stumpy, they’re not flattering at all. I think the belt is misplaced too, shoes like that demand extremely simple styling everywhere else. Though the dress would look worse on her (specifically/with her figure) if it wasn’t belted. Sooo… I’m going round in circles here!
    In summary: potentially okay on someone else with different styling, not doing Salma any favours at all.

  4. robbie

    i love balenciaga but those shoes are just bad. or atleast on salma, not to be rude but you really need to have long slender legs to make them look good. perhaps they wouldnt be so bad if they were ankle boots though.

  5. doc

    Booooooooo @ these shoes! Makes her bottom half look like horse legs. Or worse, like she is trying to hide cankles.

  6. Emi

    Sorry, I don’t want to be mean but she looks like a dwarf (and I’m short) dressed this way. She hasn’t the physique du role to pull off certain clothes/shoes. She’s a beautiful woman but doesn’t have a slim body.

  7. stylequote

    horrid indeed. yes she does try too hard. look thru salma’s dayware pre-arnault and you’ll find her true sloppy self.
    too short, too ambitious.
    shoes are great on someone that can actually wear them not viceversa.


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