‘InStyle’s Dinner With A Designer’ for Rachel Zoe

Friends, family and clients attended ‘InStyle’s Dinner With A Designer’ for Rachel Zoe this week.

The intimate gathering was held at the Soho House in West Hollywood, California who all wore looks from Rachel’s Fall 2011 collection.

Rachel wore a typical 70s inspired look by wearing a gold ruffled one shoulder dress from her Fall 2011 collection.

Beau Garrett wore a white and black sequined mini dress with black peep-toes.

As nice as Amber Valletta’s tailored tux jacket and classic bootcut tux pants look is, the length of her pants make me itch.

Odette Annable a simple strapless dress with a contrasting velvet panel and ‘Dasha’ black suede pumps.

Ali Larter paired black shorts with an ivory gold striped blouse and ‘Audrey’ black leather boots.

Cat Deeley wore an ivory tuxedo vest and matching skirt, which she paired with Jimmy Choo heels and a snake-skin clutch.

Everyone looks so relaxed in their RZ looks, but my favourite is Beau.

16 thoughts on “‘InStyle’s Dinner With A Designer’ for Rachel Zoe

  1. mochababe73

    I agree that Beau’s dress is the best.
    I love the tuxedo, but if you look at any pictures of Rachel in flared jeans, she wears hers just like this.
    For jeans it’s fine. For a tuxedo, not so much.

  2. Laura

    Beau’s easily my favorite of the bunch. I really wish Rachel had worn one of her looks that wasn’t so quintessential Rachel, but I’m not surprised that she didn’t. I’ve really liked her collections.

  3. Mahima

    I like Cat’s look the best but Beau is a close second.

    I think its because she’s not wearing black heels.

  4. kath

    Cat Deeley is my favorite here by a mile. I’m always a sucker for a twist on the classic tux! Love the effortless accessories and the chic up-do. Class personified.

  5. Julie

    What’s up with Deeley’s nose? I don’t know if it’s the lighting or a trick of the camera, but her nose is pointing the opposite direction of her face.

  6. CB

    Beau’s dress is a complete knock-off. I know of so many talented people that are struggling to enter the design world, yet someone like Rachel Zoe can knock off other people’s designs and still have success and be called a “designer.” It is very unfortunate for all the truly innovative people that work so hard to design and create garments.


    1. Emi

      I agree with you but lots of designers copy from vintage clothes, even if I must say that this is exactly the same dress.

    2. Emi

      And I think that there’re worse “designers”, if you consider the Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson and Co.

  7. noo

    rachel’s my fave of the bunch :D i couldn’t wait to see the collection on her and she delivered!

  8. Hannah

    Oh Wow it must hav ebeen so depressing to hav ebeen at this event, they are all so stunningly beautiful!
    I agree about Amber, the arms and the tailoring and the hems especially just make me uncomfortable, the suit just looks very cheap, unfortunately.
    I alos do not think it will come as a surprise to say that I am sad that Liv Tyler did not attend, and neither did Kate Hudson, they would ahve brought it up a notch I think :) .


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