Selena Gomez In Burberry Prorsum – 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards

Selena Gomez looked super cute at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards, which was held in Toronto, Canada on Sunday.

The teen star wore a Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 dress.

Her beige silk and chiffon dress with asymmetrical frayed edges and leather harness straps was paired with purple Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps.

I love the voluminous curls and the attitude.

The pop of colour via her heels is welcome, but I wish they were sandals.

Credit: & Getty

22 thoughts on “Selena Gomez In Burberry Prorsum – 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards

  1. Ana

    Selena looks cute but I prefer how the dress looks on the model, in my opinion it´s more fitted… I would prefer sandals with this look but I like de Giuseppe Zanotti pumps! What I love the most about this look is the hair!! Gorgeous hair!

      1. Anamika

        means? I love to know :-)
        she’s soooo sweet …I don’t like her shoes!
        she happy with “em that fine

  2. Mahima

    Oh, are you going to feature what she wore on the show?
    She was wearing that embellished D&G dress that Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and the VS model have worn. She also wore a couple different outfits that were nice.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Yes, that was my intention, but you’ve pretty much written it in this comment

  3. kath

    I hope she’s feeling better post hospital-trip, but she just looks so thin and frail here. I love her dress – Burberry prorsum are always amazing! I agree with FC though, a strappy sandal would have worked best . . .

  4. Elizabeth

    I love the look, but I feel like she’s trying too hard to be sexy, especially lately. I don’t know. Maybe I just think that because she’s just another disney star.

    1. Marjorie

      I definitely agree with the trying to be too sexy. She’s rocking the “I wanna be sexy I’m grown up” pout like Miley…

      1. calie

        i don’t think she ‘s trying to be more sexy , i think she’s growing up and want to try some new stuff

      2. Elizabeth

        Ugh I especially hate it when young stars pout, like they’re too cool to smile. These girls are my age, it’s annoying.

  5. karen

    I really hate those shoes.
    And I don’t like how the dress looks like its slipping down her boobs or something.

  6. Matthew

    I’m sorry, but this is so distasteful! Her hair is awful, her skin is way too tan, the dress is too short, her shoes are horrible, and finally, her pout is ridiculous! This just isn’t fashionable…It’s actually quite tacky and disgusting! This girl needs to dress her age, although she’s definitely not the worst when it comes to that! Cough, Miley Cyrus, Cough!

  7. jessie davies

    hey i was wondering i want a dress like this one but cheaper do you have any idea where i can find one? thnkas :)


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