Mischa Barton In Paule Ka – “Flash Trash” Jewelry Launch

At this current rate Mischa Barton will receive the Comeback Kid of 2011 Award.

It’s amazing how she’s turned herself around from the disheveled mess she was last year.

Last night she looked beautiful wearing a Paule Ka Black Carpet dress as she headed to the “Flash Trash” Jewelry Launch party which was held at Sketch in London.

Her white dress with a black sleeve and shoulder ruffle details was paired with orange Paula Ka wedges and a black Paule Ka clutch.

With her blonde hair swept to one side I think it’s safe to say she back to her pre/post-OC best.

Credit: PauleKa.com & Xpsoure

17 thoughts on “Mischa Barton In Paule Ka – “Flash Trash” Jewelry Launch

      1. ahot

        + so funny, but true! Girlfriend is looking great: must try this look with the orange shoes. genial

  1. noo

    WOHOOOO :D I love what mischa is wearing,,, and oh those shoes:D 2nd BDOTW for me after miranda kerr

  2. pam

    Yes, she is definitely on the upswing. Looking forward to the day when there is a genuine smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. She is too young, too beautiful and too talented to be over and done.

  3. Emi

    I like the dress but why those ugly orange shoes? To me, the fact that she looks good, in this photo, is just a case, I saw her looking quite ridiculous in other photos. I’ve never been a fan of her, very overrated.

  4. Jones19

    I’m just not a fan of this dress and I don’t think those heels go with it at all but she looks a lot better than last year so kudos for that.

  5. Hadara

    While the frumpiness still clings around the edges, you have to admit that she is the best that she’s looked in a long time.


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