Diana Vickers In Tata Naka – 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Best Dressed X Factor Semi-Finalist Award
I’ve always been a fan of Diana Vickers style.  She has a knack of making great choices on the red carpet.

She attended the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London tonight wearing a Tata Naka Fall 2011 dress.

You may remember that this collection had its red carpet debut thanks to Leona Lewis 2 week ago.

The white dress has the same scalloped details, but Diana’s dress has a heavenly floaty chiffon skirt overlay.

My only disappointment with this look is that the scalloped details on the bodice look a bit crushed.

A wavy side-swept ponytail, neutral make-up and nude pumps completed her pure angelic look.

Credit: Vogue.it & Getty

5 thoughts on “Diana Vickers In Tata Naka – 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

  1. pam

    The fit isn’t good, but I bet this dress looks beautiful in person. Normally I don’t like the sheer overlay. Maybe because it’s white and not as jarring a difference as when it is a sheer black?

  2. Jen

    Don’t like the frumpy fit, the frumpy length, or the heavy shoes with a light summer dress. I do like her hair, though.

  3. Rebecca Z

    I think this is delightful, even though the dress is a tad too big for her on top. For once I like the neutral shoes because it keeps the filmy monotone going on the bottom of the dress. I don’t usually like the sheer overlay either, but love it in this instance


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