Heather Graham In Donna Karan – “Kimchi Chronicles” Launch Party

Heather Graham is one of those actresses who just oozes so much sex appeal that she could make a bin liner and crocs look sexy.

The blonde star attended the “Kimchi Chronicles” Launch Party at Spice Market in New York City last night wearing head-to-toe Donna Karan.

Her gold ombre sequin Donna Karan strapless dress was paired with Donna Karan gold metal wooden platform sandals.

I love the look minus the shoulder bag, but a contrasting clutch would’ve perfected this look for me.

Credit: Getty

12 thoughts on “Heather Graham In Donna Karan – “Kimchi Chronicles” Launch Party

  1. Jen

    There’s something about this I don’t like. Maybe the way it fits around her stomach? Although, I also want to poke her and make her stand up straight, so that might be it. Also, hate the shoes. The wooden platform makes them too clunky to really go with the dress, for me.

  2. Alexandra

    ooohhh gorgeous! maybe not BDOTW as it sure could have been accesorized better, but she does look amazing. but not ewen her could make Crocs look sexy, they have like huge anty-sexy forcefield :D

  3. Moxie

    Not BDOTW worthy, IMO. The fit is off, particularly around the stomach. The way she is posing doesn’t help the fit at all.

  4. Dazzle

    I like this dress though I wish it was cut just below the knee. The clunky metallic heels give it a stripper vibe,which is ultimately ruining the look for me.

  5. Emi

    I like the dress but not the accessories. Wooden heels are not for the evening, for me and the look is too matchy matchy. And FC, being sexy with Crocs? I think that even Megan Fox couldn’t do it…

  6. Femme

    I don´t like the wooden platforms with this dress, kinda looks like an- excuse me, but it´s true- expensive prostitute if you ask me, the shoulderbag makes her look like she´s going out clubbing

    I´d rather see her wearing gold sandals -platformless and a clutch in her hand, much more sophisticated IMO

  7. Danika

    Looks like she belongs in Las Vegas not New York! As others have mentioned her posture really lets the look down and adds to the overall blahness.


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