Blake Lively For Glamour US July 2011

The gorgeous Blake Lively shows just how beautiful she is on the cover of the July 2011 issue of Glamour US wearing Michael Kors Fall 2011 look.

The actress was interviewed by BFF Florence Welch who got Blake to opened up about prepping for red carpet events and her penchant to play darker roles.

Her stunning editorial sees her wearing Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs and many more designers shot by Terry Tsiolis.

You can read the full interview at, but here are some extracts.

On twitter: “People ask me why I don’t tweet. Honestly, I’m so sick of myself.”

On becoming the new face of Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbag: “It’s such an honor. When I found out I got [the job], you and I went to dinner and concocted this plan, like two little girls at a tea party, saying, “Oh, it would be the best if we had a party. And you’ll perform, and we’ll do it in Paris.” Like you and I were in charge of Chanel!”

On being her own stylist: “I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!”

On getting ready for an event: I like it to be easy. I don’t feel like I have to do so much with hair and makeup, because I’m the mannequin for these beautiful clothes, so I never want to do anything too distracting. Most of the time, I put my hair in a ballerina bun, and I take it down and it’s wavy, and then I leave. I feel shy when people are fussing on me. And my diet of choice before events is a chicken potpie from Tea & Sympathy, because they never have enough food at these things.”

On breakups: “Every relationship you have, you’re learning and growing and taking something from that. So for me, it’s never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends.”

On being drawn to darker roles: “I’m drawn to those roles because [they’re so] rare, especially for someone my age. Women in film are often the prizes for the men and nowhere near as layered or complex as the men get to be. My character in The Town was written for a 37-year-old. I had to fight for that role. But also, I’m not this super-tortured soul, so it’s fun to be able to go there.”

Sweater, shorts, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; earrings, Lorraine Schwartz

Cardigan, Tom Scott; shorts, Raoul; bracelets, House of Lavande; pumps, Christian Louboutin

Blouse, bra, Stella McCartney; jeans, American Apparel; earrings, Miriam Salat; bracelet, Pono by Joan Goodman; ring, Lorraine Schwartz; pumps, Christian Louboutin

Blouse, bra, Stella McCartney; jeans, American Apparel; earrings, Miriam Salat; bracelet, Pono by Joan Goodman; ring, Lorraine Schwartz; pumps, Christian Louboutin

Sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs; shorts, M Missoni; earrings, Miriam Salat; cuff, Oscar de la Renta

Dress, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; earrings, House of Lavande; pumps, Celine.

52 thoughts on “Blake Lively For Glamour US July 2011

  1. Marvel

    Gorgeous. Cant wait till she starts promoting Green Lantern

    I must admit that she tends to contradict herself in interview

      1. Marvel

        LOL. Im hoping too because its a big blockbuster and she should be go around the world promoting it. fingers crossed

      2. bb

        It will definitely go up past 200 post, if we’re allowed to talk about her fake ‘leaked’ nude photos


        The shoots are amazing though I really question the cover. Her face looks really weird..

  2. rawda

    WOW! The Stella McCartney top and bra and the American Apparel jeans look is breathtaking! Just Wonderful!

    1. rawda

      I love the hairstyle of that look too but on another note, WHO is that girl on the cover ? Geez, i wish they had taken it easy with the photoshop cause i would take an un-retouched candid for her instead of this cover any day!

  3. Victoria

    Thank you FC for sharing this! :D

    Firstly, I love the cover and the shoot! It’s so fun and bright and natural! Second, I really like Blake, she’s just so down to earth and likable in every interview or appearance and in the things she says. :)

  4. Dazzle

    Boring,boring,boring. So tired of this girl. She always looks and sounds exactly the same. *yawn*

      1. Dazzle

        She’s just a whole lot of fuss for nothing if you ask me. Great body but very mediocre face and talent. And her fashion is beyond predictible. She simply bores me.

        1. molly

          I 100% agree. She tries way to hard to be a sex icon, a style icon, and everything that she is not. Im so sick of her. She was good in The Town, but thats it.

        2. Tahj

          She does try too hard to be an icon and she will do ANYTHING to be an a-list star. She has family and business connections though. So she has all the press on her side who hype her up like they did Gwyneth Paltrow in the late 90s.

    1. Letícia

      She bores me too. The more I see/hear of her, the more I’m convinced she’s just another ordinary bimbo. Granted, she’s prettier than most, but I really never understood the hype. Don’t understand why everyone “respects” her so much.

  5. Gigi

    I think her interview is great…. and photos as well, yet on the cover and the 2nd photo with the pink top, she doesn’t quite look like herself. Is it Photoshop? And with all the eye makeup – unrecognizable – but still gorgeous. No wonder Leonardo fell!

  6. Giuseppi Giraffe

    What a lovely interview- I can’t decide which of these looks is my favorite :)

    So cute- she started doing her own wardrobe because she didn’t know any better. Love it and I’m glad she does it all herself. :)

    I don’t know how true it is that “darker” women’s roles are all that rare, though. As soon as I read that, a dozen movies popped into my mind in which the leading female character is complex and strong.

    But whatever. She looks great.

  7. Elaine

    OMG – she looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I love this shoot. she comes across very likeable too….

  8. Emily

    She looks amazing in the spread but am I the only one that thinks her face looks a bit odd in the cover shot??

    I too love the Stella McCartney/AA look!!

  9. Paddy M

    The editorial is beautiful, but she’s so precocious in her interview. I don’t buy it when she says she’s sick of herself and doesn’t know any better about styling one minute, and then the entire section on getting ready for an event is so self-satisfied!

  10. Emma

    Good styling but she’s boring. Lost all respect for her because of the not fake photoleak

  11. Bewie

    Even with all the brandnames, she manages to make this fashion set look …off the rack? It looks like something from a mall catalogue no? Nice makeup though

  12. Laura

    I get a Brigitte Bardot vibe in some of these looks. Really like the editorial. The lighting in the last one is exquisite, and Blake posed perfectly for it.

    My mom always told me, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” With that in mind, I have no comment on her interview and her position at Chanel. :D

    1. mol

      I was thinking the same thing re: a BB vibe, and I too love that last shot – it’s all from a more playful, more sexy/innocent era that really suits Blake well. As for the interview, one can hardly read a mag interview on anyone that isn’t trite, so i hardly bother anymore – it’s not like you are going to get some insightful information…..As for Chanel, it seems like there is near universal agreement on that being a poor match, which doesn’t necessarily say anything bad about Blake per se.

  13. Courteney

    Surprisingly, I like the editorial. I have to give credit where credit is due, true fashionista’s know how to style themselves rather pay someone to style them. She doesn’t always get it right but at least she tries. Kudos for Blake styling herself.

    (On a side note, I think it’s bizarre that she’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio.)

    1. Tahj

      I don’t buy that she doesn’t have people who get her clothes together. She has all these connections in the fashion industry, Ann Wintour is on her side, and she treats the red carpet like a career. She just thinks it makes her seem cooler to say she doesn’t havea stylist. She has people who do exactly what a stylist does, she just probably doesn’t title it that.

  14. Kaylie

    I really like most of the shots in the editorial — she looks beautiful — but I HATE the over-photoshopped cover. Why on earth would Blake’s face need to be photoshopped?

  15. Luiza

    Maybe if she got a stylist she would always look this good! I really liked the editorial pics, no signs of tacky or cheap!

  16. Dorian Gray

    I LOVE this girl, no matter what.
    (and I think she the Marc by Marc Jacobs, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Ralph Lauren girl more than Chanel girl)

  17. Tahj

    She’s a cute girl, but not as beautiful as people say. She has a perfect body though. I just feel like people make too much of a fuss out of her. I feel like she uses her connections to get ahead. She seems like she would do ANYTHING to be an A-list star. Not surprised by the Leonardo DiCaprio hookup. I think her costar from Gossip Girl is prettier in the face and a better actress. She just doesn’t have her connections.

  18. Katharine

    Blake Lively is a gorgeous woman, but occasionally heavy makeup and drastic hoicking up of the girls takes her into Polythene Pam territory (“so goodlooking but she looks like a man”). The styling here plays to her strengths – she even carries off the ugly giant polka dots …

    At the moment she’s more famous than her accomplishments warrant, so I think some people feel that she’s being shoved at them – it will be interesting to see how her acting career goes after Gossip girl.

    Thank you, FC, for posting the pictures here, since Glamour magazine excludes non-Facebook users.

  19. Ayesha

    she seems really likeable and i really love the photos,specially the Stella McCartney looks.

  20. mikeijames

    she looks so stunning and poised in these photographs. it’s hard to reconcile the girl we see here — and in the chanel ads and sitting front row with anna — with the vamp who wears versace couture and courts scandal. it’s like there exist two blake livelys.

    or perhaps she’s just a method actor :)

  21. Jo

    PERFECT! Love these photos. Blake is, to me, to-die-for beautiful. Apart from the cover shot, where she doesn’t look like herself at all thanks to the (over) photo shopping.

  22. Jazz

    she looks stunning,as usual. I really like her off-screen personality, she’s always down to earth and so likeable. as for her position at chanel, she looks fabulous in the ads and i dont have a problem with her fashion choices, so kudos to her.


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