Kirsten Dunst In Chanel Couture – Istancool

Kirsten Dunst and Ryan McGinley attended Courtney Love’s performance during day three of Istancool in Turkey this weekend.

Whilst some of you will be rolling your eyes that Dunst is wearing Chanel again, others will be joyful that she didn’t ruin the look with the wrong footwear choice.

The Chanel connection is beyond predictable, but I really love this ethereal Chanel Spring 2011 Couture look on the blonde actress.

This soft feminine look is perfectly complemented with silver Mary-Janes.

You have to admit that the dress appears to be made for her.

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15 thoughts on “Kirsten Dunst In Chanel Couture – Istancool

  1. pam

    If I could afford it I would wear Chanel every day. This is my favorite of all the LWD we’ve been seeing lately.

    1. cara

      I agree! I would definately be wearing Chanel every day if i had the money. Therefore i see nothing wrong with a celebrity wearing the same designer and she looks great!

      BDOTW contender for me

    1. jeremy

      You mean Ryan McGinley? Eh, according to his Wikipedia page, he prefers dudes. But I really like this dress on Kristen. It seems like blonde indie girls always look good with Chanel.

  2. Kiran

    I’m happy to see some consistency in Kirsten’s wardrobe. Sure it’s a little bit predictable but she looks flawless. Looks like this (almost) help make me forget that blue vintage YSL disaster she wore to the 2007 Met Gala which is painfully seared into my brain.

  3. KateS

    I don’t even like the dress much – the detailing on the fabric is lovely, but I don’t like the ruffles at the neck and arms – but Kirstin is beautiful in it. It really suits her.

  4. Raquel

    What do you mean by she didn’t ruin the look with the wrong footwear choice? These metallic Mary Janes are so wrong for this…. :)

  5. Marlie

    I think she looks beautiful. Her style is usually too quirky for my liking. Finally I am liking her choices. I agree with Pam, if only I can afford to wear Chanel one day in my lifetime!


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