I know this site is supposed to focus on Fashion only, but so many of you have asked me to comment on the Cheryl Cole situation, so here are my thoughts.

I do feel very sorry for Cheryl. No one should have to deal with that type of humiliation on a very public scale, but I still stand by the fact that she was never right for the job in the first place.

How can someone with limited (if any) talent seriously judge singers on such a large scale. Especially when Cheryl’s whole solo singing career has been based on the X Factor schedule.

Has she even released a single when the X Factor hasn’t been on air?

What would’ve happened if she had got the Country category on the US X Factor? “Stand by Your Man” and “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” wouldn’t have cut it every week.

I don’t believe the problem was her accent because she would’ve had to pass several screen tests to have been offered the job in the first place.

Cat Deeley had been fronting ‘So You Think You Can Dance?” for years with her brummy (Birmingham) accent with no problems, but then she doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet who can come back to bite in her the rear end like Cheryl does.

Simon is a media manipulator and it wouldn’t surprise me if this whole media circus was planned from the get-go to drum up publicity for his show which will be competing against the much loved and more established American Idol. Notice how this public sacking happened the same week as the AI finale?

And why no official statement? No doubt to drag this on as long as it took to announce her appointment in the first place.

It’s a shame Simon had to throw his friend under the bus to get that publicity.

No show needs 2 hosts. Nicole Scherzinger was always a back-up if things didn’t work out. This is another point I made which unfortunately came true. Proving that the Fox execs didn’t have much faith in Cheryl in the first place.

Many of you had noted that the despite the smiles, a sparkle was missing from Cheryl eyes. Was she home sick? Miserable that she’s was number 2 to Paula Abdul? Or did she realise that she was a very small fish in an extremely large pond and very much out of her depth with nothing to add to this table? Or all of the above?

There is now talk of her returning to back to the UK Factor, which I think is a huge mistake after she so very publicly dumped the show to follow her big America dream.

Taking a year out and finding herself would be very therapeutic for her since she hasn’t stopped working since her last public humiliation via the Ashley Cole debacle.

What do you think?

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