Who Wore Louis Vuitton Better? Fan Bing Bing or Louise Redknapp

Fan Bing Bing attended the Louis Vuitton store opening in Zhengzhou City, China back in January wearing a look from the label’s Spring 2011 collection.

She paired the bold skirt and top combo with a black patent bag and matching Miu Miu heels.

I love the way Fan styled this look, opting to use the cummerbund as a high-waisted belt and creating a peplum effect. It’s an incredibly chic but fun look, and I adore her soft wavy hairstyle.

Louise Redknapp wore the same look on a recent night out to attend a charity dinner hosted by Nobu Berkeley in Mayfair, London to benefit the Japan Disaster Appeal.

Ditching the maroon cummerbund, Louise chose to loosely tuck her top into the skirt and paired the outfit with a matching clutch and Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ patent leather heels. She wore her hair down and kept her makeup minimal.

I like this look on Louise but agree with some of your comments that the skirt part of her outfit is too tight and going a size up would have been more flattering.

Based on styling and accessory choices, my vote is going to Fan. Had Louise worn a looser skirt she may stood a chance against Fan.

Credit: Style.com, Xposure & Getty

9 thoughts on “Who Wore Louis Vuitton Better? Fan Bing Bing or Louise Redknapp

  1. Vicky

    Hate the lenght on Fan’s skirt so I’ll gladly give this to Louise.
    Both gets a slap on the wrist for their shoe choice.

  2. sydneycheekychic

    I agree with the other two.. I prefer Louise.. i actually think the skirt looks more flattering on her.. and the shoes…. I didn’t like the look on fan when i first saw it but i think Louise pulls this look of

  3. Emi

    Since I dislike them both, I don’t vote because I don’t like the lenght of Fan’s skirt but I don’t understand why Louise put thet top into the skirt, she seems pregnant.

    1. Isabel

      Exactly what I thought! Or at least bloated. Did she just throw it on and step out of the door without looking at herself in the mirror? Tsk tsk…

  4. LOLA

    I go for Carmen! Because of the belt and the shoes.
    And first of all, she’s fierce in that :-)


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