Shala Monroque In Jason Wu – Whitney Art Party: The Groundbreakers

Shala Monroque looked incredibly chic whilst attending the Whitney Art Party: ‘The Groundbreakers’, in New York City last night as honorary co-chair.

The impeccably well-dressed socialite selected this matador-esqe Jason Wu Fall 2011 ensemble.

On some this may have come off a tad costumey, but Shala has a great knowledge of fashion so she had the confidence and effortlessness to pull off this look.

Her ensemble included a black cropped jacket embellished with rich rhinestones, which she paired with black pants and a white blouse with a black ribbon necktie.

Like all worthy socialite’s she accessorized perfectly with a gold cuff and a burgundy clutch.

Credit: & Getty

8 thoughts on “Shala Monroque In Jason Wu – Whitney Art Party: The Groundbreakers

  1. Terry

    She’s so beautiful and refined, and has an incredibly good taste. She could wear anything and pull it off with grace. I love this look on her.

  2. mol

    Love her earrings, everything looks chic and lightly worn. There is no heaviness – for example, the presentation here seems simple and easy even though it’s quite a complicated look, so I love it….


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