Michelle Obama In Tracy Reese & Samantha Cameron In Jonathan Saunders – Downing Street Barbecue

Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron reunited today in London to serve food to members of the military during a barbecue in the garden of 10 Downing Street.

Michelle opted to wear a Tracy Reese Pre-Fall 2011 dress which I don’t think was quite the right choice for a barbecue on a sunny day.

The crystal-embellished black chiffon dress has a white print detail on the bodice, cuffs and skirt.

Despite the lightweight fabric, the look still feels so heavy when you compare Michelle to Samantha.

Samantha’s Jonathan Saunders Spring 2011 short sleeve dress with a green waistband was much more summery and appropriate for the event.

Love that both women supported designers from their respective countries.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

14 thoughts on “Michelle Obama In Tracy Reese & Samantha Cameron In Jonathan Saunders – Downing Street Barbecue

  1. Tatiana

    Michelle hasn’t gotten it right that past few times and this doesn’t work. She should wear a dress from the Marc Jacobs Spring collection- the reds and yellows would work nicely with her skintone.

  2. Rebecca

    I actually really like this dress, though I agree it isn’t quite what I would wear to serve food at a BBQ. But it is whimsical and fun–hope we will see it again and I am sure we will as Mrs. Obama repeats her looks.

  3. mol

    I love Samantha Cameron’s outfit, perfect for an outdoor barbie….not sure if it’s right to say this about a PM’s wife,but I think she looks really cute and youthful in this dress….

  4. robbie

    samantha looks great as does michelle. but samanthas dress looks more summery and fresh.

    very jealous of the fact it seems like BBQ weather in england in scotland or atleast the glasgow area it has been raining so much :-(

  5. Isabel

    The Tracy Reese looks overdone on Ms.O (for a BBQ) but on the model, it looks perfectly fine to wear it to the BBQ. Hmm….
    On the other note, I adore Samantha’s outfit!

  6. Lee Ann

    Agree with everything said before- Ketchup is a nightmare to get out of Black chiffon -bit much for a barbeque-I think Michelle mostly got it wrong in her daywear choices on this trip.

  7. Emi

    Considering the other post Samantha 2 – Michelle 0. Samantha Cameron made great choices, Michelle’s clothes are too winter and not event appropriate.

  8. Sharon

    I agree that the black chiffon isn’t right for this function, but I’m not crazy about Mrs. Cameron’s dress either. They seem to have chosen from opposite ends of the dress-up scale.

  9. Pam Ibanez

    I was surprised that Mrs. Obama wore black, but she looked absolutely stunning even though surely she is jet lagged! Mrs. Cameron is beautiful too, agreed, very fresh and summery. I believe each stayed true to their own personal sense of style. They were good choices given that everyone else there was in their military best. It was a fabulous event.


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