Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Simon Fuller Hollywood Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Victoria Beckham made a rare public appearance to support her manger, Simon Fuller at his Hollywood Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremony today in LA.

The pregnant star has gone all shy on us, as she’s following Jessica Alba’s maternity style cue to cover the bump.

VB did just that wearing a decadently draped black parachute-silk dress from her Spring 2011 collection.

I love how she’s working her brand whilst supporting her mentor, as she also carried a nude clutch from the same collection.

I constantly baffled a how she manages to walk in those heels whilst pregnant.

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  • robbie

    *yawn” same thing with her all the time. and those shoes AGAIN! and the brick of a bag!

    • rita

      I often agree with you lol! She should switch off her shoe game zzzzzz How anyone finds those horrors beautiful is WAYYYY beyond me ….

  • M

    love it hate…its vb… n i love her maternity style… totally not comparable to jessica alba… they both dress in different directions… jessica looks gd, but she plays ard with diff styles… vb is jus chic… anyway… bac to vb.. no one pulls off her own collection better den herself… even wen shes preggers

  • Tamara

    It looks like she knew she was going to be pregnant when she designed her spring 2011 collection. There are a lot of dresses in the collection that are appropriate for pregnant women. Otherwise she couldn’t be able to promote her own dresses like she always does. btw. I am pregnant too and would love to wear that dress 🙂

  • Chanel

    beautiful dress, but the heel is too much , very horrible.
    i wish to see something different on her, you know?

  • karen

    I like the fact that Victoria always seem to wear her favorite dresses more than once like any woman in real life. As matter of fact I think she’s worn this black dress once before and the purple version twice already. Other stars wouldn’t dare wear a dress twice and yet Victoria is the one with the most access and means and still wears it twice.

  • I love heels but that’s way too much. Her feet don’t even look nice in those shoes. Apart from that she looks beautiful

  • I love it! she looks very pregnant chic…!

    who cares why the son is there? maybe he wanted to come with, who cares? is it about the clothes & fashion on this blog or of their family values?

  • Emi

    First of all I don’t understand why her son is there… Then, I like the dress, but she matched the bag with the shoes (and what shoes, I’ve already written how much I dislike them) and she has this expression… is life so terrible for her? Why she’s always so serious and upset?

    • KateS

      I agree about the shoes – I cannot say enough bad things about them. I love the dress as maternity wear, though.

  • Vicky

    Loving her long hair!
    But I wished she’d worn the runway dress (although she’s already worn it twice outside the red carpet).
    She does look good and Brooklyn is so cute, styled just like David.

  • Meh. She looks good, but I wish she’d opted for either a different color dress or shoe.

  • aiyu

    I’m all for high heels, but these are ridiculous. They make her feet look like it’s grown a stump or something.

  • Chanel

    I love that she stays glam even whilst expecting. She’s pregnant, not incapacitated. Good for her.

  • mol

    Love the dress, hate the shoes, on the fence about the purse…..long hair looks great on her.

  • Weber from Brazil

    the facial expression of the model makes me lol

    Victoria looks chic and classy! This longer hair is finally growing on me 🙂

  • Courteney

    She looks major as always!

  • I love her long hair and dress styled this way. Hate the shoes. She probably puts them on just before getting out of the limo and why d’you think poor Brooklyn is there? She really should put these extreme heels away before she has an accident.

    • Clover

      You think he’s there for her to lean on? I like that theory!
      Horrible shoes, horrible. (imho)

      • Yes, he’s just the right height, see? LOL! Kids are naturally very accommodating. Their earliest memory of mummy was of her teetering on heels. Very surprised her gynae allow her to.

  • Ilana

    Hmm not too fond of this dress..
    Personally , I think Jessica is still leading in the maternity style division!
    @FashionCritic: What was Carrie Underwood wearing?

    • Ilana

      Is it Naeem Khan?

  • Hannah

    She’s already worn the dress before, just the runway colour. She even wore the same heels 🙂

  • Tatiana

    This look is chic and appropriate. Victoria is often anorexic thin (looking!) so her baby bump won’t be that big, so that helps when walking in 6 inchers.

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