Isabel Lucas In Ralph Lauren – 2011 Young Hollywood Awards

Most Elegant Award
Isabel Lucas graced the red carpet at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards to collect her ‘Star of Tomorrow’ Award.

The Australian actress is known for her boho style, but on this occasion she opted for a very elegant Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 halter dress.

With her hair styled in a half up, half down look she was able to fully showcase her floral crocheted gown.

Simple complementary jewels and a small silver bag completed her look.

She can work just about any look on the red carpet.

Credit: & Getty

19 thoughts on “Isabel Lucas In Ralph Lauren – 2011 Young Hollywood Awards

  1. Tatiana

    I like the gown on her but I never understand her makeup. She goes for weird bare earth-tone makeup and it always looks weird, like it does here for example. Ugh. Her hair needs to be a natural looking color.

    1. KateS

      I agree about the makeup. Her hair-skin-eyebrow combo always seems wrong, somehow – something needs to be toned down.

  2. Rebecca

    She’s got it, doesn’t she. Beautiful dress, gorgeous figure, and slightly disheveled hair to make it real

  3. Weber from Brazil

    for first time eva I desagree w/ u, FC =/

    don’t like the hair, don’t like the dress (it looks like a piece of that latest Dolce & Gabbana collection!)

    and this clutch is just awful

    everything about this look seems boring and unattractive

    1. Gretta

      Oh my god, will she change her name to Lauren Lauren?? Or does his son have a different surname to his dad?

      1. Mahima

        Well, she’s actually George Bush’s niece, and she said she’s going to make her name Lauren Bush-Lauren.

  4. Laura

    Just looking at the dress and her, I’d think I wouldn’t like it. But she’s really owning it. I like the look.

  5. nicky

    Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl but the hair ruins it for me. It always looks damaged since she constantly dyes it another shade…it looks really rough!

  6. Isabel

    Um, is it just me who prefers the runaway version much more? I don’t know -I just dislike how she carries it.

    1. Hadara

      I think it’s because the shade of blonde really clashes with her ultra-tanned skin tone, and has a tendency to look dry and brittle.

      I personally do like how this girl dresses most of the time. I really like the dress on her, but everything else leaves me wanting.

      She always looks to dishelved in way that i find off-putting. Like, if you got to close you’d get a whiff of BO. Not trying to be insut\lting, but this is the impression that I always get off of this girl.

      She reminds me Ke$ha in that way. Like they’re going for shabby chic but end up missing the mark.

      1. Emi

        Yes, you’re right, she’s too tanned and it clashes with the color of the hair. I think she’s so beautiful that she can pull off almost everything, even if she’s quite messy, but this for daily life, on a red carpet it’s a different story…

  7. pam

    Something about the fit is not quite right. The neck is off a little, and the skirt doesn’t have the loose flow of the runway version. I am grateful that she lined the bodice. Why do designers show clothes that you can see through? I think the hair would look better and more natural if her brows weren’t so dark. Overall, I think she looks pretty good.


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