Beyonce Knowles In Lanvin – 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Most Meh/Most Uninspiring Award
With most celebrities I can instantly think of one defining previous red carpet look I’ve loved, but that can’t be said for Beyonce Knowles.

The singer posed backstage after her performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas wearing a Lanvin Fall 2011 look.

My immediate thoughts on this look were, “Next.”

I don’t hate the dress, but I’m far from being excited about it.

Christian Louboutin heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

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29 thoughts on “Beyonce Knowles In Lanvin – 2011 Billboard Music Awards

  1. Incroyable

    BORING! Her hair is DISASTER! Looks like someone fried her wig.
    And her legs, are well, VERY VERY light!

  2. Jorge

    This is boring, yes, but the dress on the performance?? OUTSTANDING!!!!
    And it’s not a wig this time

  3. Charlotte

    She looks nice but I’m far from excited.

    Her defining redcarpet look for me was her versace that she wore to the EMAs! I LOVED it!

  4. Tatiana

    I hate how Beyonce trashes up runway looks. She makes them too va va boom when they should be chic.

    1. AW

      What’s va va voom about this look? The dress on her is longer than on the model and her boobs aren’t spilling out the top. Boring? Certainly. Trashy? No.

  5. Lila

    I’m disappointed in Beyonce! Why would she want such pale legs either? And that blonde hair is tacky.

  6. Dazzle

    I think she looks lovely. Her performance outfit was very revealing and out there so I like the balance of covering it up in the press room. It’s Beyonce it’s not like she can ever look bad. Not in my book at least.

    1. Rachel

      I agree with you! Do you know who’e the designer of the performance outfit? Great performance!:D

  7. rama

    Come on! She doesn’t have time to redo her hair after delivering an epic performance of Run The World on stage. She was sweating before and I think she just wanted to tone down from her stage look.
    It’s not bad.

  8. doc

    Well as other people have stated, this was not a “red carpet” look. She did not walk the red carpet because she arrived too late and had to go immediately backstage to prepare for her performance. There was live coverage on Billboard’s website and she was walking in as the show was starting. She had on a completely different outfit. It seems only fair to bring this up because the criticism of the outfit seems based on the incorrect assumption that she wore this on the red carpet.

  9. mochababe73

    I think that it’s an interesting dress. The reason why it’s so boring is because it’s another black cocktail look. It’s spring. She should have worn it in a brighter color.

  10. justme

    I gotta agree with some of you guys. For a press room conference, she looks nice imo. Very nice actually.
    I’m still waiting for a darker shade of blonde though.

  11. Emi

    I don’t like her style, if she has one… When she’s OTT she’s quite vulgar (I’m thinking about the Met Gala’s disaster in Pucci), when she chooses an understated look she’s meh.

  12. Victoria

    for one moment I thought that was Britney – that fake dead smile. I wonder what she was thinking when that shot was snapped?

    1. Linda

      Oh my gosh, me too! I was just going to ask if anyone else thought that too…combination of the hair and smile…

  13. Lance

    Odd that the rest of Beyonce’s Child, whoops Destiny’s Child, were stunning. Kelly Rowland was spot on hot as hell though and deserves more. The dress is nice enough, but put some good shoes on woman! This piece HAS to be worn with something strappy to draw the eyes up.


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