Coleen Rooney In Azzedine Alaia – Manchester United Player Of The Season Award

Manchester United Football Club hosted their annual Players of the Season Awards at Old Trafford last night.

All the championship players and their WAGs were there, but the Queen Bee Coleen Rooney caught my attention.

The WAG to Wayne Rooney looked lovely wearing a summery Azzedine Alaia Asteride knit dress.

It looks like the WAGs are following the celebrity trend of wearing Christian Louboutin Daffodil platforms which Coleen colour co-ordinated with a matching quilted Chanel clutch.

Her hair and make-up are flawless.

I’m really excited to let you know that will be having an amazing Alaia sale this coming Tuesday 24th May.

Here is just a sneak-peek at the heart-stopping shoes, belts and bags which will be available at up to 60% off so mark your calendars now.

Credit: Xposure

20 thoughts on “Coleen Rooney In Azzedine Alaia – Manchester United Player Of The Season Award

  1. Betty Brandenburg

    I’m extremely surprised that she’s wearing this type of Alaia dress so often. It’s so refreshingly tasteful for a WAG. Good on her. (Sorry, I know that very bxtchy but I couldn’t help myself!)

      1. Fashion Critic Post author

        Wife And Girlfriend

        It was coined to describe the partners of football…I mean soccer players.

        Victoria Beckham used to be called a WAG, but because she is now considered very successful in her own right, she is no longer called a WAG.

        1. Betty Brandenburg

          Once a WAG always a WAG! Still, great dress. Don’t dig the shoes, though, that dress needs something classier…

  2. Lee Ann

    I really hope that these shoes fall out of favour soon-she looks like she has cloven feet.
    But I still ask how can someone cheapen a look that is tasteful on others. She doesn’t have peroxide blonde hair or a giant chest e.g. the typical culprits.

      1. Tatiana

        I agree about the cloven feet. I like Coleen the best of the other WAGS. Then Frankie Sandford. Coleen I think is trendy, which may be seen as her trying to be cool, chasing after Hollywood celebs. But at least she has class many celebs and of course WAGS lack. I disagree about “the orange tan.” It’s not that bad.

  3. pam

    I am so tired of the giant platform shoes. Give me Uma and her flats or Jennifer and her strappy heels any day.

  4. Emi

    As I wrote weeks ago, these are stripper heels. Plus I hate matchy shoes and bags (except from black). Sorry, she usually looks tacky and this doesn’t make an exception. You cannot buy class and elegance with all the money in the world.

  5. KateS

    None of it’s in bad taste (except maybe those horrid shoes), but I find nothing here to like, either.


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