Olivia Palermo – “Midnight In Paris” New York Screening

Olivia Palermo attended the “Midnight in Paris” screening at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room in New York City last night.

Wearing a masculine suited look, the socialite opted to wear her tie loose and her pants fitted.

Her accessories included a colourful tie pin and a Charlotte Olympia Pandora plexiglas clutch.

From peeking inside Olivia’s clutch I can tell you that she used Bobbie Brown make-up and has a white Blackberry Bold.

Leopard print Charlotte Olympia platform pumps completed her look.

Credit: Getty

22 thoughts on “Olivia Palermo – “Midnight In Paris” New York Screening

  1. Ju Aquino

    The clutch is from charlotte olympia as well, and it comes with different little bags you can put inside (even leopard print), really cute!

  2. mochababe73

    I cannot stop looking at those shoes. I love the white.
    I was not a fan of the clutch when I first saw it. Personally, I would want it to stay pristine. By it’s very nature, that plexiglass would definitely get scratched. And fingerprinted.

    1. Tatiana

      I agree. Plus I don’t want people looking into my bag. Even if I am just carrying lipstick and a cell phone. I LOVE this look. It is great that Charlotte Olympia gave bags that you can put inside the glass if you don’t want your stuff shown. But still, I am not a fan of plexiglass.

  3. Armaghan

    This outfit reminds me of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.
    No wonder it’s a Woody Allen movie she is attending.
    Luv It.

  4. Tahj

    I wonder if Diane Keaton is a fashion icon for her because I’ve seen some of her outfits remind me of Diane’s from the 70s.

  5. Rach

    I LOVE that persplex clutch! I think Olivia has to be one of the most consistent stylish dressers – I’m not sure I’d look great in what wears, but she always manages to make it look fantastic!

  6. Emi

    I love this look, except the tie, which I don’t like in general. The rest is perfect, she’s the queen of accessories. I love the clutch and the shoes. I also like the white blackberry!


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