Jessica Chastain In Zac Posen Couture – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “The Tree Of Life” Premiere

Despite the force that is Brangelina, Jessica Chastain was still able to shine on the red carpet at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival “The Tree Of Life” Premiere this evening.

Hollywood’s hottest young actress was radiant wearing a canary yellow Zac Posen custom made Couture gown.

The strapless gown is very pretty, but I don’t like the layer at the front as it gives the gown a ‘ran out of material’ feel.

I would’ve preferred sleek retro curls. Jessica’s hair is a bit too messy for my tastes.

Louis Vuitton high jewelry completed her look.

Credit: Getty

15 thoughts on “Jessica Chastain In Zac Posen Couture – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “The Tree Of Life” Premiere

  1. Luiza

    this dress is stunning, the color is sooo beautiful against her pale skin and her hair… BUT, it’s just me or she looks REALLY older than she really is? i’m, she doesnt look like a 30-year-old woman

  2. Tatiana

    I love everything but the material stop that you mention FC. I think her hair is just frizzy. Other than those two things, I like this look. Not BDOTW but nice. She is a newbie on the red carpet and still finding her footing.

  3. maria

    i love this look. It’s such a fresh colour, looks wonderful against her skin. The only thing i might criticize would be the red lipstick. I think she looks better with more natural make up.

    1. Luiza

      yeah, this dress remember that one that christina aguilera wore at mtv movie awards last year

  4. Camille

    I really don’t like anything about this. Her dress looks shredded and her hair is waaaaayy to messy. and also does she look like 40 to anyone else? I think she’s only 30 or something.

    1. Lizzy

      When I read “young actress” I was like YOUNG?? This woman looks early 40s at best. I need to see some ID. The lipstick is too much but the dress is beautiful.

  5. 2c

    I don’t know if it’s the make up or she is just mature looking
    but she looks considerably older then her 30 years

  6. Emi

    I don’t know who she is (or she was till now) but I think she looks 40… I don’t like this outfit, anyway. I agree with you, FC, about the “ran out of material” effect. I also don’t like the jewelry. Nothing interesting, anyway. I think it catches one’s eyes because it’s yellow.

  7. Fiona

    I love the colour and the frothy nature of the gown, but Zac Posen does this so often – he gets a design almost beautiful and then he can’t help himself – he has to add something extra (like the funny extra layer at the front) or just too many cut outs or embellishments. He needs to do the Chanel thing and take one thing off rather than over-design. I agree about the comments about the actress’ age, I don’t know her but I would have guessed her older.

  8. Alicat

    I love this colour with her hair. Being a redhead too, I am always blown away by brave colour choices, being a bit conservative myself. She looks happy and relaxed which is just as important as the dress. As for the bright red lippy, I have never dared to go there, but she pulls it off.


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