15.05.11 Best Dressed

Who Was Your Best Dressed On Day 5 Of Cannes Film Festival?

Credit: Getty & Weibo

Elizabeth Olsen In The Row - 2011 Cannes Film Festival "Martha Marcy May Marlene" Premiere

Elizabeth Olsen In The Row – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Martha Marcy May Marlene” Premiere

Eva Longoria In Antonio Berardi - Runway To Miami Vacation

Eva Longoria In Antonio Berardi – Runway To Miami Vacation

  • Xander

    Poor Sonam, although she looks really fantastic in this dress,but who on earth dare to be fantastic queen if there is a Fan Bing Bing listed in the poll, let alone there’s actually 2!

    • Tristan

      Agreed, Fan Bing Bing just stole every girls’ limelight on the carpet!

  • Sneha

    I usually adore Sonam’s outfits – they often look amazing on her, and are cute/trendy/quite stylish…

    But this right here… I’m not sure what to think. She herself looks stunning as usual, but that dress is just not right… The shoulder piece looks like a pad of styrofoam, and the way the dress sticks out around her middle is just… ugh.

    And the funny thing is, I came from the Sonam Kapoor Fan Page on Facebook to check out the polls (with all intentions of voting for her, since she usually does dress the best)…

    But next to Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab Couture, Sonam looks awkward and out of place. Nothing can compare to the classic elegant look fo red, and Fan Bing Bing pulls it off beautifully.

    Sorry fans, but Sonam Kapoor is definitely not the best dressed in this fashion roundoff!

  • forest

    Can anyone tell me how to vote? I really like the second dress.

  • J.K.

    Ah, I don’t know who to vote for! Decisions, decisions. Fan Bingbing dresses up beautifully, but does anyone else kinda feel that she wears too much make-up?

    • Zoe

      She is just pale.I kinda like it cuz im a little tired of seeing fake tan so often.

  • Emi

    Fan Bing Bing, in that red beautiful dress by E. Saab, I don’t quite see her in Versace…

  • Alicia

    Sonam Kapoor, she looks stunning.

  • From Russia With Love

    That is a weird situation. I voted for the impecable construction of Gaultier Paris dress’ (not for Sonam, I don’t even know who she is) but I don’t really care who will win. Am I missing something? Is the winner gonna get the billion dollar prize? If not then why so serious?

    • Sehar


  • Sonia

    P.S – I do hope you keep featuring her on the website. Maybe just keep her out of the polls. Her fans screwed it up for her, but I still want to see what she’s wearing.

  • Sonia

    I’m glad Fan is leading. However, it is unfortunate that people are taking this so seriously. I love that this site introduces us to fashionable celebs around the world, let us vote for who is more fashionable rather than who is more popular or has a bigger fan base. This is a fashion blog, after all.

  • S

    Oh there is a lot of controversy here. Anyway, FC, I hope you continue to feature Sonam and other lesser-known (at least outside of their own country) stars who are fashionable. That’s how we got introduced to Fan Bing Bing remember! I hope rabid fans don’t turn you off from featuring her because she does have an interesting sense of style. Anyway I voted for Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab. Somehow I was disappointed by the Atelier Versace, she has spoilt us.

  • mol

    I voted for Fan Bing Bing in her red Elie Saab – she looks so gorgeous in that color and with her hair down. I am appalled at the scuffle around Sonam; even though I liked her JPG dress, it’s not worth it for F.C. to feature her anymore if this is the result. F.C. works so hard on this site and she always respects our fashion choices/differences, the vast majority of us know that, but clearly others didn’t respect her passion and work in this poll – too bad for them!!!

    • Fashion Critic

      Thanks Mol.

      It’s proving to be more trouble than its worth.

      I’m really proud of the way Fan Bing Bing has been featured in many mainstream publications because I featured her a year ago and since then.

      It would’ve been just as rewarding to see the same happen to Sonam

  • Isabelle

    I voted Fan Bing Bing in Atelier Versace!
    I think that hers is the best dress of all.

  • Lauren

    FC this is so embarrassing.

    I can’t believe people have brought so much drama to this site.

    I think the best thing to do is not feature her again as someone else suggested.

    Seems more trouble than it’s worth for a so so gown on an unknown actress

  • CreoleLady

    I actually voted for Kapoor. But after reading about the inexcusable behavior of her fans relating to this wonderful blog, I am concerned for FC and regret my vote. Whatever needs to be done eliminate such harassment, I most heartily support.

  • Joy

    I voted for Sonam because I like to see JPG couture on the red carpet. Never heard of her before this day.

  • Elaine

    This is bizarre – I can’t understand how fans would act in such a fashion – it’s all insanely childish, what age are these ppl!?!!!

    For the record, it’s fan bing bing for me hands down

    • Elaine

      In versace I should hav added

  • mari

    I really couldn’t choose. I knew that I had to vote for Fan Bing Bing despite other lovely looks.
    I really liked the red ES, but the purple one was impresssive. Then I saw that the Indian lady was dangerously near the top, so I voted for whichever look FAn had on top. She’s been flawless and any of thise dresses dessserves to win in my mind. I thiunk I voted for the purple one.
    Fan BB looks less thin than last year, but still flawless. Being her at Cannes this year and wear those amazing dresses. What a dream.

  • phoebe

    Li bingbing all the way!

  • tomi

    FC! i’m little disappointed to see that ,but there is no point that we worry too much about it .instead we should enjoy everthing as always because i think Fan bingbin’s poll will higher than Sonam. as a matter of fact , fans are always powerful .
    this phenomeno is very common in china . epecially some fans abuse other actress .

    Why can i use same IP to vote servsls times . i think you should to change it so that the web can become more fair

    i’m a chinese teenager so please forgive my poor english

  • jen

    gosh, how do i decide bwt. fan bingbing and fan bingbing? i love the purple dress she wears to red carpet, but i just couldn’t keep my eyes off from her elie saab red dress, and her long black hair is just perfect match to her dress, she looks so lovely!

  • Michelle

    I don’t know which one to choose? Fan Bing Bing or Fan Bing Bing? Both amanzing gowns!!!

  • cyiar

    Fan Bingbing in Elie Saab! So wonderful!

  • Parvati

    I voted Fan Bing Bing in Atelier Versace! This gown is amazing!

  • uh-oh

    Wow!! I was just reading the comments posted here. I have voted for Sonam Kapoor because I genuinely think that hers is the best dress. Others are nice but seem to be too safe. Sonam’s dress is so edgy. I am not a fan of Sonam. I have not watched any of her movies and don’t even know who she is. I request you FC to keep posting her as she seems to be like a breath of fresh air. I would like to see more of her.

    • AfsoonHere

      Ditto to all of that ^!

      I, too, voted for her because I think she looks amazing… dress, hair and makeup! She has an amazing sense of style and I would absolutely love to see more of her. 🙂

  • Tangs

    you can tell now, suddenly after everyone realises the votes are from Sonam’s fans, Sonam’s “unbelievable” growth stops! and Fan is moderately back to the lead (as most people expected). This tells everything! LOL

    • lady

      lol fan b b is leading.

  • alexldl

    Fan in Elie Saab is amazing.

    • lana


  • Cruze

    What a mess. I read this blogg almost everyday and this is the first time I witnessed something like this all thanks to childish fans of this Bollywood actress.

    Please be careful in future when you feature her again, her fan base seems very weird and childish judging from this poll.

    I hope you did not got any hate mails from them? haha

    I personally think her dress is bad, but she looks beautiful face wise, But I don’t understand what’s the big deal if loads of people thought her back was distracting? people need to respect different opinions.

    My vote goes to Fan Bing Bing. She looks adorable.

  • Nia

    Oh dear, sorry to hear all this. I’m a regular reader of this blog and I must say that I did vote for Sonam. I genuinely liked how she looked in the outfit, it really stood out for me. I will also say that I have actually never heard of or seen the lady before in my life! – my first time ever hearing about her was today on this blog.
    She may have been featured on the blog before, but I don’t remember.
    Anyway, my vote was definitely a genuine one, and was in keeping with the spirit and intent of this blog.

  • Kiran

    This reminds me of that Vanessa Hudgen’s situation 2 years ago. Remember that FC? Let’s hope the fans don’t quite as aggressive this time!

    • Kiran

      *don’t get

    • Fashion Critic

      They are already getting kinda aggressive

      I had a feeling this would happen, but I didn’t want to not feature her because of that.

      • Boo

        I am sorry that some fans are getting too agressive. As the owner of one of the FCs of Sonam Kapoor, I’ll try to ask them to be more respectful. There is no reason really to act that way.

  • Boo

    I am sorry you felt the poll is hijacked. You posted the poll here, the fans posted it on a FAN site informing others there is such a poll. Nobody was planning to hijack your poll.

    I am sure, you get many more readers and visitors than fans of Sonam Kapoor so I don’t see why you are worried that your poll got hijacked by Sonam fans. Surely there are more people who would vote other than Sonam fans, no?

    • Fashion Critic

      Poll hijacking takes away the enjoyment of finding out who my readers favour, now I won’t have a clear understanding of whom my readers think was truly the best dressed tonight.

      I use the polls and comments to help me evaluate who my readers want to see on my site.

      You will have noticed that I no longer feature people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton as requested by readers as they wish to see a more classier well dressed star and less reality TV star.

      The sad thing now is that I won’t be encouraged to feature Sonam again, as those like me who don’t really know her that well, aren’t allowed to appreciate her because her fans aren’t allowing us too.

      We are immediately turned off by this type of hijacking which was evident the second she suddenly jumped into the lead from 7% to 38% within minute.

      • Boo

        I can totally understand that and yes it’s not really fair to you and your regular readers.

        But I can assure you when the link was posted, it was to not hijack your poll or ruin this for your readers. It was just to inform others that there was such a poll going on. Actually the link first was posted by a general Bollywood twitter not a Sonam Kapoor Fan Club.

        To make it more fair for you and everyone else, the links from Sonam Kapoor fan club have been deleted because again the intention was not to hijack your poll. As for some of the hyper comments by Sonam’s fans, well some fans are just defensive but you shouldn’t judge Sonam or whole group of fans by just some. 🙂

        I hope if you ever feature Sonam again, it goes more smoothly for you.

      • lady

        this is dejavu. these fans once attacked members on two different sites for commenting on sonam’s acting. if you feature her again you will know how the fans attack everyone for their comments. they call you bad names and make fun of you. sonam kapoor is paris hilton when it comes to brain.

        • Fashion Critic

          I find this very worrying.

          I really try to make this a fun environment, but if that is going to happen I’m honestly worried.

        • Boo

          Lady, the real fans of Sonam Kapoor would not scoop so low. We know, everyone has their own opinion and we fully respect that. If someone doesn’t like Sonam or her acting or her clothes, that’s their choice and we are not going to attack them or call them names.

          Saying that, yes there are some very crazy fans out there but every celebrity I am guesing has those. But to ban Sonam from the site or any site all together is not only unfair to Sonam but to her genuine fans as well as it makes those fans look bad.

          To FC, if there is anything I can help you with regarding the behavior of some of these fans, please do contact me (with the email addy listed here), as being an owner of one of the fanclubs, we know a quite of the fans.

        • AuntieChrist

          I just hope Sonam never gets featured here again unless her fans grow up..

          The site administrator of her fan site and other fans are also now complaining about this blog in other forums and saying that you (Fashion Critic) are over-reacting..

          • Fashion Critic

            That is a shame, but it was expected unfortunately.

            The sad thing is other websites like,, WWD probably won’t feature Sonam because she’s not Diane Kruger or Penelope Cruz.

            I always make it a point to feature everyone fashionable no matter where they are from, but on this occasion it has been sadly thrown back in my face.

            As my regular readers have said this has only happened once before and that was with Vanessa Hudgens who I stopped writing about for about a year because the torment was so negative and agressive that I had to get the police involved.

            Emma Watson has a large fan base and her fan sites will link to articles, but they never link to polls.

        • lady

          boo you are the crazy fan. you run her site and the fact that you jump in while i am talking to fc shows how paranoid you are. go take a chill pill and live a real life.

        • lady

          i am outta here before boo and her gang start attacking me again. fc, for your sanity please stay away from these rabid fans.

        • asmozonic

          i love the last line of ur comment! being based in india…i have a fair idea of her antics ever since her first film appeared [2.5 yrs back]. she’s actually a fairly intelligent girl…just the way she projects herself..that totally justifies ur “sonam kapoor is paris hilton when it comes to brain.” :D!

      • Malaika

        well obviously if they have liked her, they ll vote for her, what’s wrong in that??

  • Maria

    That is unfair. Fans will obviously vote for their favorite! I really request you add her to the poll. That is not fair to Sonam either.

    • Dreamer

      I really agree with this comment… Its not fair to sonam… I genuinely would like to ask is there not the slightest chance that even Fan Bingbing’s fans might be voting for her??! and just because sonam’s fan sorta love the way she looks is the reason they vote for her… and thats the point of the poll i guess… Voting for someone who YOU think looks stunning…. Just a thought! Nothing else intended…. 🙂

      • Fashion Critic

        No. There are no Fan Bing Bing sites, or twitter accounts directing link to voting for her.

        I’m not going to address this issue anymore.

        If her fans want to hijack the poll so be it. I’m so over it now.

        The BDOTW poll will be true reflection of the week.

        • Maria

          how do you know FBB’s fans are not spreading the link on forums? There are many fansites/forums other than just a twitter. It’s unfair really, posting the link is to make other fans aware of this poll. But I guess if you made up your mind abt eliminating her, than nothing we can do.

        • Renee

          yes, FBB’s fans have fansites. but in those sites, all the links posted to this voting page were deleted and all of the fans agree that “we don’t vote and let others do”.

          • Fashion Critic

            Thanks for letting me know

    • Susannah

      Exactly, I hope you do too!

      My vote goes to Fan. She is the Queen of Cannes, no doubt! I loved her Press Call look, she is so beautiful.

      • lady

        she is. my vote goes to fan bing bing too.

  • Brevet

    It’s really hard to make a decision between Fan Bing Bing & Fan Bing Bing

    But I prefer her romantic style in Elie Saab.

    • Tangs

      I agree with u.

  • nahla

    It is dificult top choose all looked great , but I like Sonam dress it was different and very elegante

  • claire

    i voted for elizabeth olsen’s photocall look. the dress is so pretty

    • rebecca o

      me too.

  • Moxie

    This is a fashion site, not a popularity contest. I’m glad you’re not counting this as a win for the end of the week, FC. Fan Bing Bing looks the best… hands down.

  • Pablo

    Despite the childish hijacking, this was an impressive night. I can’t figure how people are saying this year’s low key, I’m enjoying Cannes as much as ever! 🙂

    • Fashion Critic

      I’m shocked too that people aren’t enjoying this year.

      • Charlotte

        I think everyone is just missing Eva the Diva’s big moment! Is she going to be attending this year? Usually she makes an appearance quite early on..

        Also, I love Fan Bing Bing but she is totally dominating every poll! She should give others a chance!

        *sits in a huff over Fan’s flawlessness*

        • Fashion Critic

          I keep hoping Eva will turn up. She’s been in Miami on a photoshoot.

          We still have time, so I’m sure she will make her big entrance soon

  • Sehar

    @fashion critic: why are u irked at sonam’s fans, if you didnt like her attire it doesn’t mean that others should follow u, if u are so upset by the fact that people are voting for sonam then you shouldn’t have listed her at all…and for your kind information we do have better things to do rather than wasting time on your lame and biased polls

    • Fashion Critic

      thanks for your advice. I have noted your comment for future reference.

    • Pablo

      unbeleivable comment, really

    • Paddy M

      But obviously not enough things to do other ‘wasting time’ on FC’s ‘lame and biased’ polls…

      • Fashion Critic


    • justme

      “and for your kind information we do have better things to do rather than wasting time on your lame and biased polls”

      And yet, here you are voting and commenting on those polls lol.

      • Fashion Critic

        lol….you kill me justme

    • anu

      oh god!!!!!!! this is soo childish and embarrassing!!!

    • Fromchi-town

      And yet here u are commenting, voting and then coming back to defend it too. Wow!

    • “lame and biased polls”…..umm they are only biased because of weird fans like you. Never heard of this woman before, but how embarrassing that the majority of her fans act like children.

      Polls are not lame, we love you FC! Thanks for all your hard work, I understand you wanting the poll results to remain pure, it is important to you, and us!

      • Fashion Critic

        Thank Jess. Glad you appreciate my work. So sad the day has ended like this

        • not sad

          it’s not your sadness, not our sadness, not Sonams sadness and not fashions sadness.
          this can and will lead to something good!
          always good to see, realise and understand different (maybe not based on enough respect, love, honesty etc etc) truths. the fans still mean well and probably are happy expressing themselves this way. lets celebrate that. but do they realise they may not help Sonam?

          Aishwarya (she probably is used to and understands it) and Bingeling probably personally don’t mind. and fashion, art and beauty are still fashion, art and beauty!

    • jen

      geez, what a zealot~~~

    • nunoliuliu

      “lame and biased poll”…..hijacking the poll wasn’t biased and lame?

  • Shihao

    such a shame for Sonam Kapoor ‘s fans votes!! they don’t even look at others..

    • JessNess

      I agree., instead of letting the best dressed win, it’s become “The Best Dressed is Sonam” because her fans say so.

  • AuntieChrist

    I was about to say that, Sonam Kapoor’s zealous fans are posting this link to various fan forums asking people to vote for her..

    Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab looks the best for me..

  • tina

    wid no doubt its sonam kapoor she ws fantastic n elegant yet very different from otrs….

  • Tangs

    I don’t get it why Sonam Kapoor will surpass Fan Bing Bing in seconds ?!! that’s WEIRD and RIDICULOUS !!!

    • Nitu

      y wont it count?… ppl genuinely like sonam’s dress better and r voting!! i think she looked stunning on the red carpet! amazing for her 1st appearance!!! when Fan BingBing fans vote ever year its fair but when sonam kapoor fans vote its not? :S thats dumb…

  • apurva singh

    sonam looks fab as usual…u rock babe

  • A

    Oh dear, I sure hope this poll isn’t being hijacked by Sonam Kapoor’s fan base…

    • Fashion Critic

      It has been.

      I hoped it wouldn’t but it has been. So childish

      • A

        So I wasn’t being paranoid or a sore loser. I’m so sorry, this is somewhat ruining the sheer joy I felt when I saw Fan tonight. I’m glad you’ll be taking measures against this in the end of the week poll, it’s very disrespectful to your hard work and the regular readers of your blog. Thanks for all the amazing coverage you’ve been doing so far! Your site is by far my favourite fashion site and I check it several times a day! xo

        • Fashion Critic

          Thank you A.

          It’s a real slap in the face when a poll gets hijacked.

        • lady

          fan bing bing scores with all her dresses. its sad to see poll hijaked by rabid fans. why do sonam fans have to ruin everything?

      • E! Entertainment network

        We had the very same problem with some bollywood star on E! network,ever since we decided to stop promoting bollywood stars even if they do attend hollywood functions.However freida Peinto and Aishwarya rai are not regarded as sole bollywood stars they are international stars so we promote them all the way,we have not encounted any problems thus far,but we will not feauture any media COVERAGE on problematic bollywood stars with fans that are unethical and far from fair.

  • Naama

    I much prefer Fan Bing Bing’s hair when it’s straight, and not that strange hairdo she’s been wearing since the beginning of the festival.
    Thus my winner is the stunning red Elie Saab dress! 🙂

    • Cindy

      I agree. She looks so elegant with her straight hair and neck line on this red Elie Saab!

  • ZG

    Sonam’s leading despite all those negative comments and opinions about her dress, make-up and hair 🙂

    • Fashion Critic

      She’s leading because her fan sites are linking to the post and hijacking the poll – as expected.

      The fact that you have pointed out the she received so many negative comments just goes to prove that the poll doesn’t reflect the feeling of readers of this site.

      • lady

        fc, sonam’s fans are rabid. this is what they do. sonam is nowhere near aishwarya.

        • Megan

          Wow I am completely shocked by all the controversy in way surrounding soonam I was never aware of this.But I thank you fc because as expected you keep just to tge fashion and your post about the outfit is exactly right.

      • E! Entertainment network

        thumbs up,

  • Ali Shoaib

    sonam all the way !

  • Nitu

    Sonam Kapoor in Jean Paul Gaultier Couture looks the best!!!! amazing!

  • Megan

    Another two horse race between the same person(Fan bing bing of course)if that makes sense?

  • Incroyable

    Didn’t really enjoy any of the options..

  • Shopgirl

    Fan bingbing in versace:-) she look FAB

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