Penelope Cruz In Marchesa – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Premiere

That’s my girl.

On a red carpet full of models and other actresses, it was Penelope Cruz who stood out at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Premiere this evening.

I had my fingers and toes crossed that she wouldn’t let us down, and she didn’t wearing a breath-taking Marchesa Fall 2011 gown.

Her gown with tufts of tulle on the shoulders and flowing tulle train had a bedazzling embroidered details. This gown was made for a stage like this.

Her on-again, off-again bangs are back.

A gold Swarovski clutch and subtle Chopard jewels completed her look.

PS. I’ve just seen the back and I really dislike the exposed zipper.

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41 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz In Marchesa – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Premiere

  1. Fernando

    OMG! This dress and rachel mcaddams dress were two of the most amazing dresses in the marchesa collection, but i really thought i would never see them in the red carpet, you know with the met already gone, and i thought they were too risky but, Jesus!, PENELOPEE…

    I am really SPEECHLESS. i crave for more photos.

  2. Rebecca

    I know I sound like a total rube, but how do they do that with BANGS? I know one of you sophisticates will be able to fill me in. She looks amazing. I kind of like the bangs–they give her a gamine quality that she can carry off, even with a dress like that! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous./ I’m not even looking at Johnny.

  3. robbie

    the look is beautlful but maybe im just being picky, the ruffles on the strap bother me. but everything else is spot on.

  4. Terry

    She’s beautiful and totally owns this dress. Oh, and I also like her bangs, they give her an unusual/girly/sexy touch.

  5. LizLemooooon

    Not sure about the hair but otherwise she looks like a knock-out. So glad someone is werqing this gown the way it’s supposed to be WERQD!

    p.s. FC I assume you’ll be doing updates on all the sure to be chic fashion we’ll be seeing on Eurovision later right? ; p

      1. Clover

        Actually the female Eurovision hosts wore some interesting dresses, I’d totally love to hear your take on them FC! One was a wierd red feathered affair…

  6. la-karenina

    After having his baby boy she looks more beautiful than ever. That Marchesa can be tricky, but she owns this dress.

  7. sofia

    hasnt someone worn this dress before?
    i think she looks like an ice skater.
    she is a gorgeous woman…but, hmmm….

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      No. You are thinking of Fergie’s gown at the Met which has similar traits

    2. Emi

      I agree with you about the ice skater dress. I see her on tv and I dislike it at once. I usually like Marchesa but this is quite ugly. Also, we know that you’re still sexy after pregnancy Penelope, you shouldn’t try to remind it 24/7…

    3. Gigi

      Just decided… not a fan of Marchesa dresses. Pen is a wonderful looking woman, so whatever she wears will be great… but Marchesa? Just too too.

      1. Jen

        Gigi – thank god someone out there doesn’t like Marchesa besides me. There’s just too much netting and frill and lace and busy for me.

  8. rebecca

    Don’t get me wrong, this a real show stopper and so was Sarah Jessica Parker and Fan Bing Bing, but these women always deliver. I know it’s been only a few days, but I haven’t been completely wowed by a look like I expect to be from Cannes yet. It’s too casual this year. People are wearing mini-dresses and jumpsuits and Cannes is not the place to wear them. FC, are you completely underwhelmed by the fashion that we have gotten so far at Cannes? I certainly am.

  9. justme

    Rachel’s dress had the same zipper problem. Marchesa needs to figure out how to do mesh dresses that look good from the back lol.
    Anyway, I really hate those bangs. Penelope looks nice otherwise.

    1. Clover

      The zipper should have been left off. Where is this coming from, this thing with drawing attention to the zipper? I think it spoils the effect of the gowns.

  10. TexasKit

    I am smitten…she looks perfect in EVERY way. I’ve been searching online to see as many photos of her in this daring look which she completely OWNS.

  11. abasss

    Wow, that’s the best I’ve seen her look in years! Her face looks so much prettier with the bangs (very Hepburnesque) and the dress is sexy and delicate at the same time.

  12. Mia Spring

    This dress can make a success or a disaster,~~but I’m so glad she looks dreamy beautiful!! love her!!!

  13. Moxie

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like these lacy mermaid gowns? I can’t stand the tulle on the bottom and the exposed zipper.

  14. pam

    All that stone work is just too much. And the tulle looks a little raggedy to me. Also, I think it is a little tight. However, I think the young lady standing next to her looks lovely.

  15. couturecoco

    Just FABULOUS! All credit to her for having the confidence to do justice to this amazing dress. Her hair and make up look fresh and sophisticated. Bravo!

  16. Danielle

    I think its a really nice wig but not sure that it works with the dress, I think the poufs on the shoulders is a little much but it is Cannes

  17. Silvana Stredel

    i cant help getting a deja vu vibe from the Ralph Lauren gown she wore to the London “Nine” premiere back in 2009.
    Im trying… but I cant help it.


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