Aishwarya Rai In Armani Privé – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Sleeping Beauty” Premiere”

ash-rai-Armani-Prive dress

I think I may have found my Cannes Queen for 2011.

Aishwarya Rai looked spectatular as she made her way onto the red carpet tonight for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Sleeping Beauty” Premiere.

She is working the hell out of this Armani Privé Spring 2011 gown.

So much so that she’s leaving me quite speechless with her poise, grace and beauty.

I love her white and navy version, as I can’t picture the runway version on her.

A Ferragamo silver metal double facet minaudière completed her look.

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47 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai In Armani Privé – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Sleeping Beauty” Premiere”

  1. Rizwan

    so high fashion n damn stunningly beautiful……
    love love love

  2. dee

    This is what I am talking about. I didn’t care for her look yesterday but today is another story. She looks fabulous.

    1. Pati

      I thought the same. Yesterday she looked beautiful but kind of “blah”, it was sophisticated but boring and the colour did nothing for her. But today she looks absolutely sensational! The gown fits her like a glove!

  3. mol

    A clean architectural look suits her, perfect for her amazing figure and the simplicity also keeps the emphasis on her gorgeous face – have to agree it’s a stunning look.

  4. asherlev1

    This really is stunning. The Elie Saab was good, but this is jaw-dropppingly beautiful.

  5. Gaber

    I disliked the Saab, but I don’t see this one being any better.
    I am simply bored – it’s like these dresses mute her and her beauty.

    1. noo

      i was kind of in love with yesterday’s look but i can’t find one good thing to say abt this one :D

  6. vimal

    Aishwarya is rockin da red carpet with her impecable sense of class and style , she left me breathless yest in elie saab and jus when u tink u done it all she leaves us spell bound in armani ! Classic style from a classic beauty !

  7. Paddy M

    I don’t think this is Best Dressed of the Day.

    I don’t think this is Best Dressed of the Week.

    I think this is Best Dressed of the Year.

  8. fromchi-town

    Fabulous!! I love her in this Armani Prive gown, though I expected her to wear it (she wore Elie Saab and Prive last year too in that order). She looks great though expected. I hope ppl in India do appreciate her more this year, as she is looking flawless.

  9. Vidhya

    she already has a short torso and short neck and she keeps wearing dresses that make it worse. Plus dark blue eyeshadow and a sweaty neck makes matters worse.. I wish she’d stop trying so hard.. maybe a sabyasachi can save the day

  10. HP

    She’s definitely workin’ it but for some reason I just don’t absolutely love it. Maybe it will grow on me?

  11. Emi

    First of all, I see a corset or something like that under the skirt and I don’t like it. Plus… sorry but this kind of neckline needs toned arms, and she definitely doesn’t have them. Since we look at any little tiny details, I had to say this and it’s the true.

  12. carmen sandiego

    the pose is a little affected. prefer the runway version, but I guess this was more appropriate for a day event.

  13. mari

    beautiful!. Love to see that not only stick-figured models get to wear these gorgeous creations. aishwarya is indeed a beautiful woman, face and body.

  14. Jazz

    aishwarya truly is the most beautiful woman! aside from the fact that she’d look sensational in a trashbag, her gown choices at Cannes have been amazing thus far! here’s hoping for a good run!

  15. shuz4ever

    This dress is gorgeous…but not on her. Yes she dresses very safe usually, so this a big departure from her patented look…but def not BDOTW. You can clearly see the corset…made worse by her ‘working’ the dress. Her makeup on her neck is all greasy n sweaty. Her hair is pulled back sleek and then pinned to the top of her head in some kind of birds nest…and if that wasn’t bad enuff she’s wearing a ginormous watch as an acessory. When i first saw this photo i was excited about her look…but if u see other photos taken at diff angles on other sites u realize she looked better in y’days E Saab…and that’s not saying much.

  16. Alexandra

    she’s my cannes queen not only of this year’s edition, but of all time! i was actually quite surprised when you didn’t include any of her looks when summing up cannes 2010 ;)

  17. Dhve

    Something with her neck-line, something with her hair style, she could have done much better..

  18. ashok

    This is the beauty…..she is master piece…i love the way she walks …..dedly beauty….

  19. S.Teja

    Oh my god….She is the best dressed celebrity in cannes 2011…..No one can beat this look ….She once again proved that she is”ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD”

  20. Shruti

    Aishwarya is so stunning! What if she has flops, she also gave hits! What is most important is that she is talented, she is a great actress and a superb dancer. So hits or flops she will always be remembered by the audience. And anyways she gives more hits and less flops than the other actresses. Which actress get so much attention after 5 years of marriage and age nearing 40? None! She is also an international superstar. She is more famous than Amitabh Bachchan or all these Khans. And what’s important is she is self-made. From Miss World to Best Actress Award to Padmashree, she achived everything with her hardwork and talent. She is an icon and will be a legend by the time she reaches Big B’s age. Go Aish!


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