Lea Seydoux In Louis Vuitton – 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Midnight In Paris” Premiere

Lea Seydoux took your advice and washed her hair for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival “Midnight In Paris” Premiere.

The French actress looked beautiful wearing a Louis Vuitton dress.

Her pink flutter sleeve dress with a smocked bodice was accented with a back grosgrain belt.

The shy star accessorized with a LV bracelet from the Fans and Umbrellas collection plus she wore a pair of LV earrings from La Malle aux Trésors collection.

Pink Christian Louboutin heels with a black lace overlay and patent trim completed her look.

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Salma Hayek In Gucci Première - 2011 Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Salma Hayek In Gucci Première – 2011 Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

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Gong Li In Roberto Cavalli – 2011 Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

  • Lillian

    I’ve been looking for this pair for sometime now. Didnt find it anywhere in the US or Canada. Would anyone know otherwise? I have even sent a mail to Christian Louboutin’s customer service, France but havent received any response. Thanks in advance!

  • D

    awwe 🙂 sweet as a candi 🙂

  • tanja

    People commenting here have no idea of good taste.
    Her dress is exceptionally beautiful.
    It’s retro look and retro colour.
    And she has such a refined taste to choose this dress. Because it’s exclusive. Like her.
    and you?

    • Fashion Critic

      Is it possible for you to comment without talking badly about other readers? It’s not the type of environment I wish to create

  • we like this? yuck…her boobs look like oval bowls & that drop waist…the 80s called & wants it back….

  • Love the shoes but I’m not that sure about the dress

  • Alina

    I was hoping for some Elie Saab,Gucci Premiere…

  • b

    The sideview is very unflattering.
    Below-Average look in a sea of fabulous dresses.

  • Emi

    Lovely shoes, beautiful jewelry but that dress is awful. My mom has a similar night gown, bought 35 years old in a mall, I think. Is this LV? Would anybody buy it if there wasn’t the LV label?

  • Violet

    Thank you FC for the fabulous Cannes coverage… I should be working but can’t stop checking your site for updates when the boss isn’t watching! hehehe

    Just wondering if you can ID the Louis Vuitton collection which this dress came from?

    • Fashion Critic

      It’s not from a specific collection, just like her Prada dress.

      As it’s in store now I would say it’s either Resort or Spring

  • KateS

    She’s very beautiful and well-accessorised, but the dress is too twee for my taste. I also dislike the way smocking clings to the torso.

  • Jennesia

    Those shoes are the ish! The dress is rather unflattering though especially the bust….its just disturbing to me that she would think it okay to wear this.

  • Fiona

    The bodice lets this dress down, perhaps if she had worn underwear then her breasts wouldn’t have looked so weird. Love the shoes and bracelet though.

  • This could very easily turn into Barbie or Little Bo Peep, and I’m happy Lea kept the drama and maturity in it. Still, I like the other dress better.

  • Lea wore 1en8 lace pumps by Christian Louboutin.

    • Fashion Critic

      thank you x

  • Jen

    Oh Honey. No. Look at her chest! And the way the skirt poufs out. I do love the shoes, but .. no to everything else.

  • Cara

    im not that excited by the dress. perhaps if the skirt of the dress is brought up a bit, to the black waist band. the smocked bodice is too long.

  • nightowl2046

    The dress is not very beautiful, compare to what other stars wear, she is not very beautiful to me too. She should chose another dress.

  • Rebecca

    Ho hum except for those wonderful shoes!!!

  • mari

    Looks cute and understated, she looks very comfortable and chic.

  • Marvel

    A nice look but thats about it

    • Lils

      I agree

  • dee

    She looks pretty in the dress. I like her accessories and seems like more her style than full on glamour. I like that this is different from the dramatic and glamourous looks we have seen so far. It makes the event more interesting.

  • mol

    I think she looks very pretty and expressive of her looks and personality – not everything has to be the height of glamour to be impactful – at least for me… that dusky pink color and her shoes and bracelet are so complimentary.

  • Lee Ann

    From the front she looks good but the dress from the side makes her breasts look like comedy version of breasts

  • Moxie

    Love the shoes and the colors in the gown, but the dress itself is too young looking for her.

  • la-karenina

    Yeah, something is happening with the bodice. The colour is great, but I just don’t like this dress at all.

    • Gigi

      I think it’s those two cupcakes on the top of her dress. Almost funny.

  • maria

    i adore this look. It’s very French to me and also very springlike. I love the shoes and the bracelet.

  • Not impressed at all… I don’t like the bodice but the color is beatiful on her! I think she should’ve worn a gown.

  • Pablo

    She looks good (and the accesories are lust worthy) but i was kkind of expecting more from her for this big night…

  • Luiza

    she looks beautiful because she IS beautiful, but i was expecting more from Léa…

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