Reese Witherspoon In Zac Posen – “Water For Elephants” Sydney Premiere

Reese Witherspoon is currently in Australia with Robert Pattinson promoting their new movie, “Water For Elephants.”

At the Sydney Premiere today, Reese wore yet another strapless dress.

Her Zac Posen Fall 2011 teal dress has very interesting suede fold details on the bodice.

To stop this look from giving us deja vu, Reese opted for cute curly bouncy locks.

Black Christian Louboutin peep-toes completed her look.

This is a very pretty version of what’s become a very formulaic look.

25 thoughts on “Reese Witherspoon In Zac Posen – “Water For Elephants” Sydney Premiere

  1. Ines

    For me she looks terrible. Her boobs look twice their size, I don’t like the make up, I don’t like the shoes etc… After NYC she has been a huge disappointment. At least I loved the colours of her Paris and Madrid’s dresses. This is an epic fail for me.

  2. Mel

    She always looks the same, and as always I find her boring. I don’t like her (lack of) style

  3. Leti

    I don’t love the hair, but I love the dress. It’s giving her such an amazing shame. What a way to rebound from her last outing.

  4. Julie

    I may be in the minority, but I like the dress. I’m beginning to wonder if she might be pregnant considering her chest seems larger than normal lately.

  5. Rachel

    Deja Vu of the previous look! The only thing different is the hair and I’m not into it!

  6. Elle

    I like her dress too… I think it’s a much better fit than the last one she wore, and the extra effort she put into her hair makes the overall look much prettier. I just wish she wore more interesting shoes!

  7. maria

    i like the dress but not the styling. And i am so tired of seeing her in the same style of dresses. It was great the first time she did it on a red carpet (Golden Globes? Nina Ricci), but it’s like she does not know how to wear anything else.

  8. Raquel

    I don’t think the curls fit with the dress’s cut, maybe a very stright hair would have worked better, I don’t know, something like David Bowie’s hair but longer?

    Hate the shoes. They ruin it for me.

  9. Susana Yamaguchi

    OMG! I loved this look! The dress fits perfect on her! It’s really beautiful! And I think the hair gave her some fresh air!
    I love Reese!
    Oh.. and I liked the make up too. Her eyes perfect match wit the color o the dress!

  10. rebecca

    FINALLY! when she does something new with her hair the ENTIRE LOOK CHANGES!!! IN A GOOD WAY! but still, i find reese’s style on this promotional tour to be very bland, boring and deja-vu -ish. nothing we haven’t sene on her before.

    1. rebecca

      look at how the model works the look! reese NEVER breathes any life into a look, it’s the exact same pose and a cute little smile. especially when you’re in a zac posen, you should be working it. see christina ricci at met gala.

  11. Kaylie

    I like this dress more than her previous blue dress… but it is still the same type of dress she always wears. Snore.

  12. Emi

    As I wrote before, she doesn’t take “fashion risks” so I think it’s a good look from her, I like her hair. The dress is cute but there’s something about the fit on the chest I don’t like. Boring shoes as always…

  13. mari

    I think that her body type is difficult to dress. she’s prety, but she’s short, has a not very slim torso and kind of thinner legs, which I bet she works out a lot to keep shapely.
    Sh e might just feels comfortable in these dresses which suit her. I do think she’s predictable, but this is the best I’ve seen her look in this entire set of appearaances for her film.

  14. Chanel

    i love her outfit
    p.s what a fake smiley face !i guess she is wondering if she is boring too


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