Philip Treacy Fascinators @ The Met Gala

Demi Moore and Serena Williams were both inspired by the Royal wedding last week, as they both wore Philip Treacy fascinators.

Demi wore a Prabal Gurung black embroidered tulle strapless gown with ostrich feathers and Swarovski Elements. Cartier jewels and a Christian Louboutin bag completed her look.

Serena Williams needs to give up trying to do the girlie thing. This feathered Oscar de la Renta strapless dress looks ridiculous with those muscles.

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25 thoughts on “Philip Treacy Fascinators @ The Met Gala

  1. Raquel

    With all due respect, I disagree about Serena being ridiculous in a strapless dress just because she has muscles. That’s her body and there is nothing she can do about that. Why should she cover her arms? Should she only wears dresses with sleeves? That notion kind of baffles me, because it seems like a unbreakeable rule that puts one that doesn’t fit the size zero/delicate bone structure model in a kind of style rut.

    I like the dress and she looks confident and happy. She looks good on it. The makeup and the hair, not so much.

    1. DivaMom

      I agree with Raquel. She’s worked hard on those arms. I wish I had them instead of these flags i’m flapping where my triceps should be!

  2. Aisha

    I also disagree with you, I think Serena looks stunning, she seems to accept and love her body, muscles and all

  3. S

    I agree with the others, I think Serena looks stunning! I think this is one of her best looks. I think it’s certain dresses which don’t fit her figure, same as for anyone, rather than “girly” dresses which don’t flatter her. For example I think she can’t pull off a sari but she looks gorgeous in this.

  4. ahot

    I love serena here too. She is a lot confident lately, working the dress, & surprisingly she is not too muscular this time, so i don´t hate

  5. Joy

    I dislike Serena’s dress choice, but to say she shouldn’t wear girly dresses because she has muscles is really taking it too far.

    1. Jen

      Agreed. She’s a world class athlete and that’s just her body type. Personally I prefer this body style over someone who’s too skinny any day.

    2. mikeijames

      i agree. and i’ve seen her in real life and though she has the muscles of an athlete, she has the CURVES of a real woman. she would’ve looked great in a form fitting carolina over an oscar confection.

      those would’ve showcased those beautiful curves and pulled focus from her muscles.

  6. maria

    LOL @ Serena girlie dressing.
    But more importantly, who’s that girl in the background?! Stunning sequined/sheer/feathered dress!!

  7. shubby doo

    what you said about serena had me on the floor laughing. it doesnt work. i concur whole heartedly.

  8. Leti

    I strongly disagree with the notion that a woman with an athletic body can’t wear a girly dress! I think Serena looks beautiful in this dress. If I were nitpicking, I might drop the waist a little bit so it was a bit more defined. Otherwise, I think this is perfection.

  9. Jazz

    I am shocked by your comment about Serena Williams! She looks beautiful and I don’t see any hulk hogan-esque muscles bulging out from a strapless gown. she just has toned arms that aren’t overpowering. it makes other women with athletic builds feel as if theyre judged for trying to be feminine.

  10. Megan

    With all due respect I completely disagree with your comment on serena especially when her arms
    Aren’t actually looking muscular.I think she looks beautiful and I agree with all the above comments surrounding this.Dare I say (I love Oscar de la renta)that if there is anything wrong it’s the dress.
    I was also quite surprised seeing as though you seem to have liked serenas previous choice inclunding the d&g which was IMO way worse.p.s I’m not trying to be harsh cos I do love your work but I’m kind of sticking up for serena and what I believe:)

  11. Denise

    Little surprised and almost hurt by the Serena comment. Sure she doesn’t always hit the home run in the fashion department, but to dismiss a woman’s chances at truly feeling like a woman is a bit much. It’s her body type, she seems to be loving it. We don’t have to love t right back, but we should respect it.

  12. gusmexico

    look at the woman behind Demi Moore, she´s wearing u favorite Zac Posen Ombré Gown, hehehe

  13. Melany

    Serena Williams is a beautiful woman and she has every right to look like a beautiful woman. She looked great at the Met Gala!

  14. Carla

    I agree with FC about Serena. She never said that muscles aren’t feminine or that Serena shouldn’t show off her fabulous arms; she only indicated–rightly–that these frou-frou feathery styles don’t suit her body type. It’s no different from anyone else dressing to play up their assets. These feathery, delicate dresses don’t compliment her strong, fierce body, but many other things she’s worn do.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad you understood what I was saying.

      I sad the same about Kristen Stewart when she wore that Osvar de la Renta ballgown

  15. mari

    Maybe , but for example,Madonna was wearing a dress that made her look very feminine without bordering Barbie territory.
    I understand that Serena wants and likes dresses like this, but I bet that there are quite a few styles that would look very flattering, maybe even more than this feathered style, and probably FC has a few models in her mind that would work with her body type.

  16. Rush

    Since when did Mike Tyson become a drag queen in feathery costume? That’s just a hideous testament to human failure.

  17. carmen dandiego

    gonna have to kindly disagree with the Serena comment. Whoever is working with her is doing a great job finding ways to balance her size with her obvious, infectious sweetness. She looks like she’s having fun, and I like the idea of making girls with different shapes feel like they can have fun in big, flowy gowns, too.


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