Isabel Lucas In Louis Vuitton – 2011 Met Gala

Isabel Lucas arrived at the 2011 Met Gala wearing Louis Vuitton.

Her pleated coral gown in light silk satin gown was embroidered with coral beads.

She carried a gold LV minaudiere, but the main focus point was her gold headpiece and stunning earrings.

Credit: Getty

28 thoughts on “Isabel Lucas In Louis Vuitton – 2011 Met Gala

  1. -N

    Confusing!.. her head piece and earrings seem to be set for a completely different dress! .. anyway what do you think FC of this year’s Met Gala dresses??? ;)

  2. mochababe73

    The look on her face is not at all flattering, but I digress.
    I love the headpiece and the earrings. I really like the dress and the color of it. But for some reason, I don’t like the two together.

  3. samaira

    I love her Kundan (uncut stones) necklace as a headpiece. it looks stunning with the coral gown.

  4. ro

    The dress is beautiful, the accessories are killer but I feel like she’s pretty lifeless in it. I think it’s because she just looks bored.

  5. mol

    She does have a kind of ‘I’m not here’ look on her face which is a pity as this is quite a good ‘novelty’ look…..

  6. Lee Ann

    Do you think it is possible to hypnotize yourself by staring at a bizarre headpiece in the middle of your forehead or is it casting season for the Virgin Mary in the nativity play already?

  7. Emi

    She’s a gorgeous girl, really but there’s something I don’t like about the dress and the necklace-headpiece reminds me of somebody who works for a circus, like a trapeze artist. But honestly, I really envy her beauty.

  8. Terry

    I think the headpiece is amazing with this dress. The only problem here is her make-up: she looks like a corpse with those nude lips.

  9. Katey

    I think She’s beautiful. I was blowned away when I saw her on the red carpet. And I love this headpiece.

  10. CreoleLady

    I love it. I did not realize the headpiece was a necklace. Creative. I think she pulls it off, odd gaze notwithstanding.

  11. Sarah NZ

    Great dress, great accessories, but not together. I understand a nude lip, but this needed a pale coral gloss just to lift her features (and lose the undead look).

  12. Ariel

    Love the jewelery, clutch, and color on her!The dress isn’t that great and so is the makeup.

  13. KateS

    I am on the anti-headpiece team. It just adds to her goofy, lost-pixie vibe. As a necklace and with some colour on her lips, I think I would have loved it.

  14. Lena

    You know what? I like the headpiece! I’m usually not a fan of ‘sets’ (earrings w. necklace w. bracelet etc). But I love everything about this look. Oh except the ‘undead look’—agree on that.

  15. Ashley

    Her hair color is bad. Clashes with her eyebrows. She needs to go darker. Otherwise I like the look.

  16. Raquel

    I’m intrigued, I find the idea of the headpiece plus earrings interesting, but I don’t think the color of the dress complements that whole idea. Maybe a dark blue or green…

  17. laura D

    I would prefer it if her hair, face and jewelry weren’t all the same color. Really, the hair color is bad for her, and I don’t care for the colorless face, as it only emphasizes the vacant look… but the outfit I like.

  18. Hadara

    Horrid hair color that does nothing for her skin tone. And don’t let me get started on those brows….


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