Gisele Bundchen In Alexander McQueen – 2011 Met Gala

Gisele Bundchen looked sensational at the 2011 Met Gala.

She always wears something dramatic and eye-catching to outdo th other models.

Last night she wore an Alexander McQueen Fall 2005 red fish-tail gown.

Only a supermodel can walk tall in such an exquisite gown.

A black McQueen clutch and a silver bracelet completed her look.

Credit: & Getty

Isabel Lucas In Louis Vuitton - 2011 Met Gala

Isabel Lucas In Louis Vuitton – 2011 Met Gala

Natalia Vodianova In Valentino - 2011 Met Gala

Natalia Vodianova In Valentino – 2011 Met Gala

  • Tropical Breeze

    Hello, FC! Maybe I’m a bit late but I found something related to Cate Blanchett that’ll surely make up for her not attending the gala. Miss Blanchett wore this McQueen dress on the cover of Vogue UK June 2005.

    I got non-text photo of it.

    So, what about WWIB The Queen v. The Super? 🙂

    • Fashion Critic

      Thanks. Editorials and runway WWIB don’t really work.

      • Tropical Breeze

        Agree with you… I forgot to think about that.

  • Alina


  • Fee

    No doubt she looks amazing but I find this look really boring. I think Natalia in the next look blows her away.

  • rebecca o

    My favourite of the night. She looks sensational.

  • Its blah.. She had to do something with her hair. And wearing a bunch of diamonds is always the easy route. She was standing next to Ginnifer.. thats the kind of creativity u need with jewels. the black clutch is also so predictable. Another fantastic dress doesnt translate into a fantastic look.. and this time on Gisele.. 🙁

  • Luiza

    I agree with FC, think she looks sensational! She stood out at the event and I think it looks waaay better on Gisele than on the model. But I guess that’s normal since she is the supermodel..

  • KateS

    I feel like this doesn’t work as well as it should, but maybe it was stunning in motion. Then again, I do madly love the runway styling, so maybe it’s just that I miss it on Gisele.

  • Ariel

    I like it better on the model. It looks flat on Gisele.

  • Gigi

    I love that her husband is standing on her ‘train’. He is infinitely better looking than she is!

  • Rebecca


  • I do like it, but she kind of looks weird in the picture.

  • Giada

    Gisele looks best in a dress with a long, sleek silhouette. For this dress to really work you at least have to have a little bit of a defined waist, hips and a bum, all of which she doesn’t have. That’s why she looked absolutely divine in the pink Versace dress in 2008; because the cut created the illusion of a hourglass figure.

    • Raquel


  • CreoleLady

    I so prefer the styling and attitude of the runway model. If I hadn’t seen the runway look, I might have been more impressed. Can’t Giselle at least do something different with her hair?

  • DivaMom

    I had to come back and comment again. LOL My goodness she is rocking this look. And she has that expression on her face that says, ‘yeah, uh huh…i’m THAT b_word! ” Ha! I need that type of swagger in my life. Her confidence is selling me on this dress!

  • Don’t like it.

  • dee

    She looks nice but I am really not excited over this.

  • Suz

    I don’t know. I feel like this dress loses its shape on her in comparison to the model and some other fish-tail gowns.

    • Elena

      My thoughts exactly!
      It looks better in the model i think.

      • mol

        I agree!

        • ahot

          so true. it´s boring because it didn´t translate well on the redcarpet. Without the dramatic train, it´s like a prom dress

  • Polina Pushkina

    She looks stunning! I was looking forward for you to download this look.

  • mochababe73

    I love the dress on the model, but it looks flat on Gisele.
    I like the fullness of the runway version. But, my judgement may be clouded because I am not a fan of Gisele.

  • Hannah

    This was maybe by number 2 favourite after Liv Tyler. I loved the volume, and I have always loved the dress. This photo doesn’t even do it justice either! I adored this look completely and utterly, she is almost always incredible on this red carpet, and this year is absolutely no exception.

  • Matt

    What a perfect specimen this woman is. I have nothing bad to say about this look, she didn’t just rent this look, she owns this look .

  • DivaMom

    I was wondering when you would get to this stunning breath of ecstasy and pure fash-gastic delight! Beautiful. Gisele owns EVERYTHING!

  • Alice


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