Diane Kruger In Jason Wu – 2011 Met Gala

Diane Kruger looked stunning when she arrived at the 2011 Met Gala in New York City this evening.

No one should be surprised that she’s wearing a dress from her favourite designer Jason Wu.

The dual colour Jason Wu Fall 2011 dress has a nude embellished long sleeved top and a black skirt.

Diane did a ‘Megan Fox/Blake Lively’ by ensuring that the photographers got to see her leg through the split in her gown.

Sleek waves, red lips, a Jimmy Choo ‘Lina’ clutch and black peep-toes completed her look.

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Credit: Style.com & Getty

55 thoughts on “Diane Kruger In Jason Wu – 2011 Met Gala

  1. WendyB

    It’s like the ZZ Top song: “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.” If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. This is a great look.

    1. PamG

      Ditto! Whether she’s rockin’ a modern look or classic Hollywood glam as we see here, she always looks amazing!

  2. Camille

    Ahhhh!! Love it!! BDOTW – thanks for posting fc, i know it’s gunna be a loooong night! :)

  3. Clover

    Haha, I love that you say she did a ‘Megan Fox/Blake Lively’ and we all know what that means ;-)

    Plus I’m loving the guy in the second pic who can’t take his eyes off her leg! Totally caught.

    It’s a gorgeous, glamourous look.

    1. fashionfreak

      erm…the guy in the second pic is Jason Wu, designer of her dress.

      Not just any guy!

  4. CreoleLady

    She’s channeling Veronica Lake and does it well in this more sophisticated Wu. Nice look but I’m not knocked out by it.

  5. Hannah

    She looked gorgeous, but I was hoping that she would be the first of good to come, since she was so early onthe carpet. This year seem sto be incredibly disappointing, from what I have seen so far. Why so few MCQueens?
    Anyway Kruger looks stunning, and she does sexy so much better than so many other. She was one of the few who looked remotely polished at this event imo. Also, it is jsut me or does her bodice look a lot like Zac Posen ss 2010? http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2010RTW-ZPOSEN?event=show1982&designer=design_house166&trend=&iphoto=35

  6. robbie

    for once i am blown away. but nothing will top her look from the 2008 costume institute gala.

  7. Chloe

    She can do no wrong… she’s a beautiful woman and everything she wears is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Matt R

    My jaw dropped. She is totally doing the Blake Lively/Megan Fox leg thru the slit look, but she makes it look sexy in a classy way….Amazing look

  9. Emmeline

    Pure glamour. Definitely my favorite of the night! She nailed everything from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

  10. Jen

    With that dress, those legs and the best accessory of the night (hello, Pacey!) I’m in love.

  11. mochababe73

    Beautiful. I thought that she couldn’t top the white Calvin Klein, but this one comes close.

  12. Luis Santos

    I don’t like her make up and she can smile, she isn’t Victoria!! The dress is beautiful but doesn’t bring nothing new, and with Mcqueen night she can do much better.

  13. cara

    stunning, perfection, amazing… and many other words come to mind when i see this.

    BDOTW contender!

  14. Emi

    Perfection, but we’re used to it with Diane. On big occasions she never goes wrong. Stunning.

  15. Gaber

    Diane made this look.
    The dress itself is not THIS good, it’s Diane that takes it to a whole new level. Next to Frieda this needs to be in the BdotW competition.

    And I LOVE how dorky and cute Pacey is next to her, thinking “yeah, I get to bone her!”.

  16. Lou

    This just shows how biased I am.. The leg-thing: on Blake it annoys me to no end, on Diane it looks sexy but classy.


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