28.04.11 Beauty

Red Alert: The Rise Of The Redhead

For Hollywood’s hottest, clearly red is the new blond. 

First Khloe Kardashian (for two whole days). Now Blake Lively.

Or perhaps we should attribute it to Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore.

Long gone is the notion that flaxen strands are sexiest. And we must admit—we’re elated.

Tinseltown’s top trendsetters are finally toying with their tresses and rocking inflamed locks that command attention. (Even if they are just going red for a role.)

We predicted the flaming tress trend last September during NYFW while backstage at Mulberry Spring 2011 presentation, where we watched Sam McKnight fit fifteen models in fierce fiery fringed wigs.

Our theory was validated backstage in Paris where Guido Palau hand-picked a select few models to don cropped copper toppers at Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011. (Sadly the catwalk versions of crimson manes are much bolder and brighter that what we see on red carpets!)

Starting to see red?

Know this—red fades much faster than any other hue.

To keep your look ablaze, invest in colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners that will prolong the vibrancy of your colour. Those of us in-the-know trust these two collections:

Bumble & Bumble Color Support True Red, $23 each at, and John Frieda Radiant Red, $6.49 at

Credit:, Zuma Press & Getty

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  • Francesca

    Haha, Scarlet is red too now! The domino effect is hilarious!

  • Gina

    I have a grudge against bottle redheads – they get to enjoy being a redheaded adult without suffering through the torture of being a redheaded child. lol.

    I agree with everyone about skin-tone. Red doesn’t look good if you don’t at least have semi-fair skin – Rihanna is the only exception!

    And, India-Jewel, I love your writing style. You’re great with words!

  • ShoeGal

    All of these ladies look good in red but Blake. She just looks atrocious as a redhead.

  • dee

    I love red hair but it doesn’t suit everyone.

  • Lina

    It doesn’t look good on Blake, she’s too tanned to pull it off in my opinion. But otherwise it is the best hair colour!

  • gragriP.

    I think it’s beautiful!! I love the Mandy Moore Red! it’s AMAZING I d love to have red hair but I’m so pale…like white pearl…I don’t know how you say it in english…so I’m a little “scared” ;);)

    • Jones19

      Red looks great on fair skin 🙂

  • I don’t know about this. I love red hair, but somehow it doesn’t quite match if it isn’t your natural color.

  • Joy

    Lol, that pic of Blake – the skin, the hair and the background all look red.

  • Jones19

    I’m going red next week. Can’t wait!

    • Fashion Critic

      How exciting

  • mala

    Blake’s is poorly done, Khloe’s looks amazing. I think Blake would look great but the shade is all wrong and looks really unnatural with her skin tone.

    • Samantha

      Agreed completely. I am surprised at how poorly Blake’s is done since she has such great hair. The shade is just off on her.

    • Leti

      I think what’s off for Blake is her fake skin tone, not her hair color. The fact that every other women pictured above it about 10 shades lighter goes to show that if Blake wants to commit to red hair, she needs to lay of the self tanner.

      • India-Jewel

        Preach! Took the words right out of my mouth. Blake is a gorgeous girl–she can pull off just about anything. (Just not excessive self-tanner paired with ginger strands.)

  • Emi

    I love red hair! They’re beautiful and sexy. I was just thinking about buying henné to color my hair just a bit, so thanks for the tip, I’m gonna looking for John Frieda shampoo, I already use his products. I love the color of D. Barrymore, one of my favorite is Florence Welch, anyway, I love her color.

  • kiri

    And Rihanna’s not in this post because???????

    • Luis Santos

      I agree, Rihanna was the first.

      • Lala/S-R

        Oh goodness. Rihanna initiates everything, I see. Smh at Pop culture people. No offence in the least.

  • BornSimple

    No mention of Rihanna???

    • Fashion Critic

      It’s not the same type of red.

      Im surprised you are suggesting that she belongs in this line up.

      She’s tomato, they are carrot

      • Lala/S-R

        LOL. I dropped by just to ask, “How come you didn’t make mention of Rihanna’s firetruck?” Question answered.

  • KC

    Another tip to help maintain your red is to NEVER let it touch hot water. Wash in lukewarm at the warmest and don’t just stand with the water running over your head for 10 minutes. Showers aren’t as pleasant, but your hair will thank you.

  • frommdq

    Thank you for featuring Mili Schmoll again, today is her 22 birthday!

  • Tahj

    Bring it on I say. Red hair is beautiful. Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, and Isla Fisher sure have gorgeous red hair.

    I don’t really like it on Blake Lively, but it’s just for a film role.

    • India-Jewel

      Red hair is just the best ever. I’m sad kids get teased for being born with it.

      If I had the complexion for it, please believe I’d be topping up my flaming red color every 6 weeks like clockwork. Everyone would think it was natural.

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